Thursday, October 8, 2015

On A Beautiful Day

It starts with coffee and the view from the front porch.

There was scenic along the way.

Scenic enough for two versions of the same scene.

It winds down with yellow mums and blue asters.

There are white asters too.

There are enough white asters for multiple views. This is the same white aster as above.

It is not the same as these white asters. The Frost Aster is in the foreground. The Calico Aster is in back with the teeny tiny flowers by comparison.

The sun was shining. The leaves were turning. The asters are blooming. It was a beautiful day.

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

A Time Gone By

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

The Unknown Aster

It is different from all the other asters. It stays short, being two feet at most. It clearly spreads by rhizomes, forming an open stemmed colony. All the other asters have very distinct crowns making them clumping perennials.

I'll have to watch to be sure, but I do not recall the central disc changing colors as the flowers age/get pollinated so much as they just turn brown. The center is a unique yellow color.

I don't know who this aster is and it is the only one that I know of in the wild cultivated gardens. I need an aster expert.

Monday, October 5, 2015

Blue Asters On The Mountain

It stopped raining and the sun was half way out. I walked next door to supper for the first time in many days. I saw blue asters.

The mountain is covered in blue asters. They may get perkier as they dry out.

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Slightly Battered

We got lucky, only 12 inches of rain in the last ten days. South Carolina got smacked with that much rain in as many hours and then some. Now a lot of that water that fell east of the continental divide is headed towards an already flooded South Carolina.

My water flows to Tennessee. I won't be adding to South Carolina's misery.

I have been stuck inside for three days while it rained. So have the cats. We are handling it.

I did venture out today. It actually stopped raining. The garden isn't anymore battered than it already was from the first nine inches of rain. Once something has been laid low, a little more rain can't hurt.

I woke up to no power when a certain varmint wanted out. When I woke up again three hours later, I rose to the sound of chainsaws. The utility company was clearing the line that branches off of the roadside vegetable garden pole, crosses the byway and goes to one of my neighbor's houses.

They chopped and dropped on his side of the byway, thank you, and then on up the driveway. What I want to know is why is our electric line is so sensitive to flapping branches? It shuts off the power in the least amount of wind just from branches touching the lines.

I have seen plenty of places in town where the trees literally rest on the wires for weeks and months at a time. Nobody in town seems to be losing power like we do on a regular basis. What's up with that?

The sun may come out tomorrow. It may be out for most of the week. The battered garden has one last chance to perk up and be blue before it is all over. Think perky!

Friday, October 2, 2015

A Wet Bat House

Stuff accumulates

And a rusty section of pipe that I will paint and plant with some draping sedums perhaps.

Wet grasses lean. This year I want them to get freeze dried before they get broken by a heavy snow.

Wet, wet, wet stuff. It's all wet.

Thursday, October 1, 2015

Asters Before A Deluge

Three kind asters in one picture. That's a few asters short of all the aster varieties on this mountain.

Blue is the dominant color. That blue can't hide it and the endless rain can't undo the brown crispy from the former dry spell. I'm having some fond memories of the former dry spell.

Here are three shades of blue asters in one picture. We are under a flash flood watch for the next three days. My hope is the asters won't be pressed firmly to the ground three days from now.

There are a few weeks of extraordinary color left if things don't get completely squashed.

The byways of WNC are awash in color just like this now, the blue and gold of asters and goldenrod.

Wild things lurk in there, right off the edge of the road.

One of them was following me before the next deluge began.

I guess squashed asters are better than no asters. The bees did not seem to mind.

The rains continue. They say for three more days. Something is bound to get cleaned.

Out there in a garden are wet asters. Will they dry out and fluff up before they are done?

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Day Five

I did ask for rain.

I must not have been specific enough. I was thinking more along the lines of a normal rain event, in one day and out the next, not a five day with no end in sight rain.

This afternoon it poured. We have had five inches of rain in five days. An inch a day is much better than an inch an hour at least. Gives the ground time to suck it up.

I may not see much of the sun until Sunday. I'm beginning to wonder if the Tall Flower Meadow will even be able to stand back up before my asters turn to mush. There can be no fluffing until things dry out.

The ground is so wet now the new Visible Art Piece behind the fire pit fell over. It hasn't stopped raining long enough for me to go out there and stand it back up.

After five days and in a real downpour, culvert falls began to flow. It has a nice little roar.

I find it very curious that all that water can come roaring out of the culvert, cross the upper path, flow ten feet down the slope and vanish. It makes me want to dig a big hole and find out what is going on under there.