Saturday, July 13, 2019

Ready For The Rain

I made like a sloth this morning and attached the ridge cap to the roof. The drying process can continue. Door, siding, window? I am having a strong hankering for tree bark siding. Cement fiber board is a cheaper and wiser choice. House wrap is a start.

I always knew the shed was going right here. It fit perfectly. The bottle tree has a bit more reason to be.

Am I building a varmint motel here? That needs some good pondering. I don't want a shed full of varmints. Keeping it confined to ants and spiders would be a success.

The thunder started early while I was up on a roof. It rumbled close by all day.

A constant threat.

I stuck close to home and didn't get much of anything else done.

A number of my joints were talking at me.

A brief and gentle roof testing rain finally made an appearance late in the afternoon. I think it passed the test. Ugly rain may be another matter.  And it still needs a door. I've been pondering a rolling or sliding kind door. That pondering makes me think it wouldn't be very varmint proof.

The Tall Flower Meadow is slower to come into raucous bloom, but it has its own current charm. It is time for a mountain wide path mowing. I'm not sure I'm in the mood for it though.

Let the 'lawn' bloom for now.

There is voodoo out there in this steamy okra weather.

Friday, July 12, 2019

Metal Roofs And Flowering Meadows

Hale Mini's galvalume roof is in process. My builder's framing method became more apparent while attaching the factory cut roof. His was a wham bam hammer man kind of thing. Things at the factory are different.

The ridge cap needs to be cut to length and attached. I put it up there to get the drying process started. There's not much wind to worry about in this steamy okra weather. It should stay put til I get to it.

That high wire act can wait until I am refreshed and more lucid. I am going to measure twice, pre-drill the screw holes, test out the yoga positions needed and move like a sloth. I need to camouflage the imperfections. It'll get done.

It is and is going to be a mighty fine shed.

The sunny utility meadow and the roadside vegetable garden are popping. They both have a strong early summer presence. The Tall Flower Meadow leans more late summer to fall.

I will leave you here to wander. I have a shed to ponder.

The Buddha remains guard.

There is some hope for okra. I really should start my own seed saving for cool tolerance.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

The Full Voodoo

Lord God Almighty! There was a powerful stench that filled every bit of air out there this morning. The rains returned and the air was just right to capture the full voodoo. It hovered low in the compound like some poisonous gas.

Some drip flashing was added to the roof lines this evening when the rain finally stopped in preparation for the covering this weekend. Hale Mini got just over an inch of rain without a roof. The plywood floors bubbled a tiny bit. Oh well, it will just have to dry out. A tile floor can hide that.

I have competing odors growing side by side. When everything is just right, these discard lilies can fill the air with the scent of heaven. And you can stick your nose in close to repel the voodoo.

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Hale Mini

The new shed is only 8x7. It just has a high profile next to my tiny house.

Hale Mana
Hale Mini

At the compound.

I have ordered a galvalume metal roof. That is my weekend project. I'm thinking tree skin siding. I could just wander into the forest and scalp me some. But I am too old for that.

There is only one road in

To see this voodoo.

It accumulates.

Clematis stans has decided to gently self sow

Out there in the wild cultivated gardens.

Sunday, July 7, 2019

The Erection

In the chicory mornings

A stirring assembled.

A form began to rise.

A friend had two walls and a floor. He needed to make them go away. Everybody knows I need a shed.

He would give me that and help me build it, if I just bought the rest of the parts.

The hardest part is getting started. I sure needed a shed. I couldn't look this gift shed in the mouth. And the weekend was open.

It was erected. The door is under contemplation.

Let me just say, this wasn't how my father and I built my house. After my builder left I went over it with my OCD. Because. The methods may have been wildly different, but this shed has turned out very square and solid. It is a mighty fine shed.

I sat by an open window resting
As lightning and thunder roiled directly overhead
Just as my body insisted I sit
A direct strike landed very close by

There was more intense noise than water.

I have never had a shed to take anyone behind before
The Taj-ma Shack Airbnb
Roof, siding, door, window?
How about tile floors?
What will it be?

My body kept insisting I needed shed rest.
I ambled slowly up to the roadside.
The gardens don't need me.
They are on their own now.

The meadows have entered a peak bloom spike of summer.

Even the roadside vegetable garden doesn't need me right now.
There will be some fine produce.
I set things in motion.
But the vegetables must grow like the wild things.

I go with the flow.