Monday, February 20, 2017

Minor Bulbs

It's not looking like winter will be arriving in February. I certainly hope it doesn't decides to come in March. The more warm we have the less cold can be properly applied.

The minor bulbs are picking up steam. The early crocus are in full bloom, though the ones at the top of my drive seem to be AWOL. The few I have seen up there look to have been relocated which is not a real good sign. If they turn out to be seedlings that would be a good sign.

The snowdrops are in full open mode looking to get pollinated. That will happen in this warm and once that is done, they will drop, heavy with growing seed.

Yellow crocus are up next in the later blooming group. The circle of crocus around the fire pit is coming up. I see foliage of the species tulips that were planted with them as well. These tulips did not bloom so well their second year. I am beginning to think the species tulips are no better at multiplying and reblooming than regular tulips. Crocus are much more reliable as long as the vermin don't find them.

'Arnold' is quite impressive this year with a very full bloom. I so look forward to the Witch Hazels being full sized shrubs. That is going to a be a sight to behold.

I have noticed the Witch Hazels seem to have alternating full and less full bloom years. That is not an uncommon feature of plants. It can't be a strictly environmental response. The 'Jelena' six feet away is having a less full year.

Tomorrow while I have the time, the warm and a chainsaw that is willing to start I plan to do some logging that has been on my list. I'm tired of looking at all the dead grey hemlocks during the time of vegetation's greenery. Some of the smaller ones I can handle are coming down.

This will open up the forest along my driveway, It is quite possible room for some new plantings might appear.

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Yes We Have Snowdrops

Saturday, February 18, 2017

More Frills

Even without winter, spring starts slowly. Despite the number of unusually warm days there has been a cold blast every seven to ten days that has helped keep things from getting too far ahead of schedule. We are still on the early crocus. That is close enough to what it should be.

The snowdrops are here. That is as it should be. They will even attempt to bloom in January if the weather is right.

February has been normal for the Witch Hazels three years in a row, even in the Polar Vortex winter. So I will take this bloom schedule as normal and a much appreciated normal.

It has been warm enough for the beasts to rouse themselves and go outside a bit more often. I think their minimum operating temperature has been rising. It seems to be higher than mine and I have much less fur.

Until the herbaceous greenery begins to stir and I can start spring time editing, there isn't much to do expect wander about and look to see what is waking up.

I'm itching to plant my ideas from this winter's contemplation. I know I should wait. This warm and current light work load doesn't help. I may have to go visit the farm that goes with my favorite nursery.

I have a list of plants I need. I need more frills in the February garden. Why not I ask. I think the chimney needs some Witch Hazels. I thought that last year and nothing happened. This year I will make it so. I just added them to the list.

'Jelena' is about to say goodbye for this year. When it is time, the leaf buds are still tightly closed, leap up and grow.

Thursday, February 16, 2017

The Under Garden Of Winter

It has been a good winter, if you want to call it winter, for the Under Garden. The late winter blooms are putting on a fine show as the bulbs begin to stir.

Three acres of chop and drop is done with the grasses left as the last thing standing. They will come down as the herbaceous greenery begins to stir.

The new energy vortex transmitter/receiver has gotten the first dirt settling rains. The ground will be smoothed as it settles to avoid a trip hazard.

This is the first winter the Under Garden has actually said garden to me. That is what has made it such a good winter. Slowly I am making progress.

The Witch Hazels and snowdrops are blooming. The first crocus have arrived. The daffodils are rising. Soon the forest floor will begin a slow change to green. By May the earth will be erupting with life and the Under Garden of winter will fade away into the Lush.

It has been a good winter for the Under Garden. This is very much a season and a garden of contemplation. I made plans after some contemplation for some new additions to the low mounding tapestry of texture and color to kick it up a notch for next winter.

It has been warm enough that the boys at my favorite local nursery may be stirring. I need to stop by and have a look. I might even buy some more Witch Hazels. I think the chimney could use a few.

There is still time left to enjoy the Under Garden before winter is over. As it continues to grow it will become more a part of the garden during the time of vegetation. I will edit in that direction as well. It is just nice to know I now have a full time garden. The barren time won't be quite so lonely.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

A Valentine's Bloom Day

Who knows what tomorrow will bring. A Big Bang of Chaos is brewing. I do know it might rain. Some cool is coming. I have a long day tomorrow and plenty of flowers today. That is why Bloom Day will be a day early for me.

The early crocus are here. I have also seen a few at the top of my drive. A few of the later crocus are just poking up.

'Diane' is in full bloom. I feel certain the petals have gotten longer as it has settled in and grown. The first time it bloomed I was rather disappointed by the tiny flowers. Not any more. I have even contemplated researching some new Witch Hazel cultivars to plant. They have done well for me. Slowly.

Yes we have snowdrops. Big time snowdrops next door.

In the warm, 'Arnold reached full bloom in about three days. The 'Jelena's which bloom first are fading, but even with all this warm the bloom lasted for several weeks. 'Jelena' is in the right back ground in this picture.

Maybe the Witch Hazels will leap this year. I am starting to doubt this sleep, creep, leap theory though. There have been no leaping shrubberies in my garden.

The basement patio was looking rather fetching so I took a picture. It really needs guests to get optimum use.

The march of spring is on after another winter that wasn't. Be sure to visit Bloom Day Central tomorrow for more spring time pretties.

Monday, February 13, 2017

From A Distance

What a sight. I came home with groceries and used the service entrance. Normally I use the front door. From way up above, there was 'Arnold' in a beam of light shining big and bright.

This is the first year 'Arnold' has been big enough to actually see from a distance. It will keep getting better - as long as the deer don't do more than their small annual sampling.

Sunday, February 12, 2017

Connecting To The Vortex

Looking out the window yesterday morning I saw a head and an ipad type device held aloft at the top of my drive. Someone had stopped to take a picture again. I need to figure out how to do image searches and find out how often my little roadside attractions wind up on the internet. I get photographed on a regular basis.

I spent that morning in the ridge top garden next door doing chop and drop of the dried remnants of last year's Lush. I got half the garden done, but my enthusiasm for the chore was rather low.

I decided to spend the afternoon installing the third triangulating arm of the energy vortex transmitter/receiver. It was time to stop thinking about it and do it before other chores took priority.

The new energy vortex transmitter/receiver is in the top center of the garden where three paths join at the base of the slope below the scenic byway. I was most pleased that below the tree roots there was actual almost rock free soil. Easy digging. I like that.

The first one was installed on the Great Lawn.

The three transmitter/receivers are positioned in a triangle for maximum energy vortex flow. Too bad I was not ready for the full moon lunar eclipse on Friday night. Next time.

People stop to take pictures already just from what is visible along the byway. There is so much more hidden inside. It is all part of the plan for my decrepitude. Five dolla. You can garden tour.

I pretty much finished the chop and drop in the ridge top garden today. My enthusiasm for the chore was still rather low. Good thing it is pretty much done. I can wander the garden again for a light touch up if needed. Time to move on to other things.

I have houses to clean before Bulbarella returns. I did see a possibility of snow in the forecast for Wednesday.

'Arnold' is in near full bloom as it should be since it reached near 70 degrees today.

Something is happening here. I don't want it to be perfectly clear. It will be more interesting to see just what sort of people will make the connections?

Friday, February 10, 2017

After The Snow

Not much left when I got home. Sunshine and fifty degrees will do some melting.

It is going to be warmer tomorrow and I plan to do the chop and drop in the ridge top garden next door. There are hundreds of snowdrops over there. It will take years for me to catch up, if ever.

I have 'Diane'.

I have plenty daffodils now too. Bulbarella likes to spread her bounty.

I have 'Arnold'. He should be fully unfurled with another day or two of warmish.

The seasonal flow of the 'aina has begun to stir.