Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Snow Day #6

The wind calmed down. The sun came out. The temperature rose above freezing. It was a fine day to layer up and go outside.

I went next door to empty a bucket of furnace water.

There was not a whole lot of visible melt going on.

Perhaps it is melting from the bottom up.

I reorganized the clothes dresser from the way the cats had done it. My way is better.

I will go look for some melt tomorrow. I still have nine gardens on my list for a final visit before winter sets in. That is not as far behind as it sounds. It's just a matter of getting the last few items standing. I just need this bit of winter to end.

Two will be visited all winter as weather permits. That's another story.

The wild cultivated gardens are fine without me. I can wait for more crushing snows and blasting winds to knock down as much as it can before I have to worry about cutting things down. And then only as weather permits.

What kind of winter will it be? The house is clean. What's next on the list?

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Snow Day #5

I never got past the front porch. There was a ferocious wind chilly roaring out there.

Another unstoppable tsunami of cold air rolled in. It was more wind than snow.

The books were done and tabulated to the current date in preparation for closing them out for another gardening season.

I have been a peasant gardener for the well to do for thirty years now. That is a long time to be working solely outside.

If you could have seen me fidgeting while punching in long columns of numbers into a calculator, my choice to spend my working life outside in the dirt makes sense.

I have been making healthy gardens for thirty years now. That deserves a good five or six day snow nap.

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Snow Days 2 + 3

I have not had this many days off inside since I don't know when.

It feels odd and good and needed.

There has been some activity, even progress.

My house does not feel so much like a rat's nest anymore.

It is still a bit cluttered. I will have to settle for the comfy den look.

Last night a strong pulse of cold air washed in bringing more snow.

I watched it roll in at dusk. It was every bit a relentless tsunami of cold air, quite separate and distinct from the main snow event.

The sun came out and the wind calmed on day three.

It was still another snow day. This was the largest single snow fall in two years and it didn't just happen to me up high on the low spot. It happened all over. Nobody's garden was going to get tended. I don't think that can even happen tomorrow.

Inside the house is cleaner. The collectibles in the parking lot need to be shuffled about next. How much will end up in the back of a truck to be set free is the question.

It was a big snow. Big snows have more snow days.

And the Under Garden disappeared. Until things return my life will be confined to cold pond scum.

Friday, December 8, 2017

Real Snow

I do believe this may be the largest single snowfall in two years.

Definitely more than anything last year.

A very nice start of things.

One junk drawer and one large tool cabinet have been emptied and refilled.

I found some currently useful items in there. Finding useful items is part of the problem.


The purging part was uneventful. The tidying and organizing was a success.

Maybe I will have better luck in another pile.

I'd say we are at six inches and counting.

A real snow day and it was good.

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Rain Before Snow

The big cold is almost here. I was expecting snow last night. It was a no show. Just rain.

Temperatures will be descending well below my minimum operating conditions.  Next week is looking much the same. Snow is bound to happen.

The garden as usual is fine without me. I reviewed all the gardens I tend. Two items need to be tended to before the big cold, otherwise the gardens are fine. Nothing can't wait for a warmer day.

Is it time for a purge? After ten years, the cozy cabin is turning into fuzzy warren. Stuff accumulates in an organic fashion of its own. I make no effort at it. It just happens.

There will be time to sit and think about it as I observe the interaction between the elements and the Under Garden. It's snow time.

Monday, December 4, 2017

The Under Garden Needs Some Lovin'

The internet is not giving the Under Garden the amount of praise it deserves. I must be orbiting in a bad algorithm.

The live humans I know think I live way out beyond yonder.

What the Under Garden really wants is some feedback from my tribe of working gardeners.

I keep seeing an amazing feat of horticulture still growing.

Am I seeing things?

I could have a garden tour right now. That is how amazing it is.

I have been a peasant gardener, one keenly interested in the craft, for thirty years now. Whatever I am seeing, it is one of a kind.

Saturday, December 2, 2017

It Begins

In the Beginning

With the Ancestor's Myths of Creation.

Friday, December 1, 2017

Living Inside A Painting

I want to fall in.

The corporate coup of the federal government is near complete. Trump will gladly sign a tax giveaway to the donor/owner class, then brag about it. It will be paid for by the sweat and blood of working people for generations to come. This is the ultimate con of Trump voters.

You have been had.

Being white won't save you.

Drawn by our baser instincts, we made ceremony and worshipped the golden calf. Now the devil has come to take his dues.

As you do unto the least of these, you have done to yourself. Being sicker and poorer is just the beginning. A mighty whirlwind awaits.

In a garden with good and evil.

It is meant to be viewed as a painting.

The 'aina laid out a canvas with a bird's eye view and said draw.

It begins in the beginning.

With the ancestors myths of Creation.