Sunday, January 21, 2018


The snowdrops are waking. The first Witch Hazel is starting to bloom. I am planning a pop-up garden tour. The garden is ready. I will watch the weather and aim for the perfect snowless day.

Today was good. I went outside to tidy up a bit.

It was so nice out there, I went Niwakie. I said I was going to prune them.

The final resting place.

I cut all the grass stems that were snapped and not going to stand back up. It is far too early for the full chop down. I tidied.

I think niwaki will work just fine here.

One more brush stroke in the painting.

They told Pearl Fryar you can't do that. He didn't listen. That is a habit of mine too.

It begins early in the year 2018. Some bondage will be required to spread the trunks apart.

I'm not at all worried that it won't fit in. I'm ready to show off the Under Garden. I have baby Niwaki.

Friday, January 19, 2018

New Eyeballs

Cataract surgery for my left eye is scheduled for March 7th. That's a start. I didn't press it, but the right eye should probably be done too. I'll think about that later.

The Winter of Monet will last full season. I'll have one new eyeball for spring.

And the garden will still be a work of art next winter because I planted it so.

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Fresh Snowdrops Today

There was a short respite between winter pulses and I had to go next door to empty the furnace's water bucket.

I knew I could find snowdrops.

This is the beginning.

It will operate in slow motion while winter pulses prevail.

No hurries.

The garden in winter has a fine voice of its own.

It is growing along.

And the snowdrops are waking up.

Then the snow began and all activity came to a halt. Incoming. Time to stay put.

Monday, January 15, 2018

No Looking For Snowdrops

This is all you get from me for Bloom Day. There was no point in looking, even though I have seen them coming up in two places. There are hundreds more. The snow will melt. They will come up.

It's too cold. Another pulse of snow and colder cold is scheduled for tomorrow. The snowdrops will wait it out. All activity will cease.

Go look for activity at May Dreams Gardens.

I do have an orchid in bloom, but this is all you get.

Sunday, January 14, 2018

In Siberolina

All activity has come to a halt.

I have entered a deep state of power lounging.

It's akin to hibernation except I am gaining needed weight to get me through the summer.

Three cats are hibernating with me.

I might venture out tomorrow just to go some where. When I am done lounging.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

In The Winter Of Gauguin

I went for a walk in the snow.

You can too.

Put on some layers.

Let's Go.

It's cold out there.

Sixteen degrees

But it feels good to feel the planet.



Friday, January 12, 2018

Return To Siberolina

Another dusting of snow followed by a week of deep cold is set to arrive in the night. I won't be getting out much next week. The glaciers will regrow. There will be plenty time to do the taxes in increments.

I haven't done this much power lounging in quite some time. It generates mixed emotions. The Under Garden's first real bloom and my cataract have coincided for the winter. It generates mixed emotions.

But I am plotting a pop up garden tour, short notice and weather dependent, before the daffodils even think about blooming. I need someone without cataracts to confirm my vision.

Tomorrow when I wake up it will be all covered in snow. We will meet again during the next thaw.

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

A Walk In The Winter Garden

The thaw is off to a good start. The glaciers have begun to retreat from their deep freeze maximum extent. The glacier at Almighty Falls is intense. It is no wonder the previous construction there disintegrated.

The little snow we got with the polar plunge is gone. The Under Garden is back and the new balmy warm of 48 whole degrees made for a pleasant late afternoon stroll.

I do believe I am satisfied with the plantings of the conifers and evergreens on the slope below the cozy cabin. I can turn my attention elsewhere.

I can envision their growth ten years from now.

I can envision the Tall Flower Meadow of high summer on this same slope becoming more refined over time with regular editing.

To a point where the Under Garden is on equal footing with the meadow in summer. The garden is evolving as all gardens do.

There is a fine winter garden high on the low spot of a North Carolina mountain top through out the barren time. It comes and goes with cold and snow which I see will be back next weekend. Will the glaciers be gone by then?