Monday, February 18, 2019

In The Garden Ku'ulei 'Aina

The snowdrops have grown thick enough to be clearly visible from the front porch when they are out, weather permitting.

Click on a picture for the slide show. Come to Ku'ulei 'Aina.

Saturday, February 16, 2019

The Rider Of The Lawn

The chop and drop of three acres of wild cultivated gardens is done for all practical purpose. Let's go for a stroll. A new spirit just rode in. The ride will take us to less seen views in the Under Garden of winter.

Friday, February 15, 2019

An Award Winning Bloom Day

The Witches are out.



With snowdrops

How many crocus will that deer leave me? I have a lot and some to spare. But how dare you!

A deep red Lenten Rose.

Don't forget 'Arnold'

A Bloom Day bonus comes from a garden planted by a British couple, both doctors, who were well connected to the botanical gardens circuit at the time. It has plants I have never seen or heard of.

One of them bloomed and revealed itself to me this week. This is Parrotia persica, Persian Ironwood. It kept telling me it was a Witch Hazel. It was blooming with the witches! Parrotia is another genus in the family that comes from Iran. Here it was in the garden of British doctors. There has to be a story there.

Everything I read about it said the flowers were not considered showy. I'm still going to watch.

Plenty more Bloom Day bonuses at May Dreams Gardens.

The Witches live in my garden.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Random Daily Life

At The Inn a damn heron is eating my best fish again.

This looks very familiar. I may have developed a signature style.

Baby 'Diane'.

I had to pull over and get out.

I couldn't believe my eyes. Millions of crocus trapped between the Catholic and Episcopal Churches in town. I'm going back tomorrow.

On a blustery February day

The wind chilly gave me a reason to pause

And watch my resident deer eat the flowers off my crocus in the Great Lawn. The thing refuses to shoo. Damn varmints!

Saturday, February 9, 2019

Chop And Drop

The chop and drop of the dried remnants of the Tall Flower Meadow is a breeze this year. I zipped through the entire sunny utility meadow in a few hours this afternoon.

The chop and drop is going so quickly I may have to do some other chores.

But I am getting old.

And slower.

And I could just go for a walk with snowdrops.

While I contemplate what other chores might need doing.

Will there be fine produce in the roadside vegetable garden this year? Last weekend it got a hard raking and light burn. I really do have to kill it all and start over. I WANT me some woodchip mulch!

Did you hear that universe?

Enough chores were done for today.

Maybe I will do more tomorrow.

This year I am living dangerously and doing it without a list.

Thursday, February 7, 2019

Arnold's Big Day

I have spread four full pallets of mulch across a mountain side in the last week and a half among many other things. I did it one full pallet at a time. I have one more to do tomorrow. The entire process will be repeated in another garden in a few weeks. I'm getting old.

When I got home and looked out over the garden, 'Arnold' was all lit up by the day's last beams of light.

Then I went looking for snowdrops. It was a nice warm day.