Sunday, February 23, 2020

To And Fro

I tried to go to work this morning because rinse and repeat is on tap again for this week so help me God, but the snow had not melted. I came back home.

Niwaki. The cloud pruning of the bottom skirts was done. I like the more open look. I'm not liking the overall conical shape. For now I am leaving plenty of options. In time more branches can be removed to change the outline. Now is the time for bondage.

This is perfectly fine weather for a slow motion Stinze.

The bulbs are rising.

I just need to get out there and make some money. You just can't garden much in wet slop.

To and fro. This next door house kitty business gets a bit old. A solution has so far proven elusive.

Rinse. Repeat. There was a suggestion I could wake up to more snow. Snow is fine. It is the melted dry in between that is lacking.

Saturday, February 22, 2020

After A Crocus High Snow

Snowdrops return to sunshine mode.

The witch hazel 'Diane' hangs on. Soon it will be done.

There is a defining melt line based on the tilt of the earth.

Down there with 'Arnold'

The crocus emerge from a snow that was piled right to their tops.

It was a perfect protecting, crocus high snow.

Solly Kitty wants nothing to do with it. That is a far as she is willing to go.

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Trudging Through The Snow

Click on a picture for the slide show. It snowed all day long.

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

The Day Before Snow

Bulbs are blooming.

That's the way it works. There is always an element of risk.

The Hellebore have joined in.

But these are the cold hardy. They are adapted to snow.

The risk comes in the quality and duration of the cold and the snow. The deep cold is what matters the most.

Today before snow, the short running bamboo by the chimney was named. If I put the name here I'll know where to find it.

Meet Sasha veitchii. It is a cold hardy variegated bamboo that makes a nice evergreen groundcover in the shade. Sister #1 didn't like it and said it didn't go with the chimney. I told her her father planted it there. I like it. My father had good taste in plants.

There is another colony of it below her mother's house next door.

I travel to and fro. Tomorrow it will be in the snow.

In the land of Snowdrops, Solly Kitty's digestion has resumed the normal direction of flow. That is a good thing. I might be raising an indoor cat. A walk in the garden failed when she didn't want to leave the front decks or wander too far from the front door. Solly likes her warm winter den.

All the beasts do.

I am hoping the snow will be crocus high.

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Cloud Pruning

The 'Gold Mop' Chamaecyparis pisifera got cloud pruning training session #3 today.



It happened after Solly and I went for a short walk in the garden this morning. The little bit of vomit this morning was all hair, no food. That's a good sign.

I'm having a major urge to dispense with the emergency backup bottom skirts on my Niwaki kind bushes. It may be time to cloud prune the bottom and aim for a more tree like form. Some bondage will be required to pull this off. I need to think about how to do that.

This training session might not be quite finished.

Saturday, February 15, 2020

The Firepit Bloom Day

A lot got done today. The chop and drop is basically done with just some minor touch up needed here and there. A mile of trash was gathered along the scenic byway.

There was enough time left over to light the hairball of pick up sticks on fire before the ring of crocus around the pit starts to bloom.

I remembered it was Bloom Day after it was a bit too dark for more pictures. The Witch Hazel 'Arnold's Promise' will have to suffice for flowers in my garden today. If you need more, keep scrolling to older posts or visit Bloom Day headquarters. The bulbs are rising in many gardens no doubt.

Imagine if you will, a ring of crocus around the firepit. They will be along shortly. I had to be careful not to step on them.

Speaking of hairballs. Solly Kitty has been throwing up her dry food for the last three or four days. Something needs to come up. She spent a few hours outside in the garden with me today and had a chance to eat some grass. I hope it helps. We can go for another walk in the garden tomorrow.

It was a productive day. Amazing how that can happen when the weather is not cold and wet and gross. The winter garden chores are pretty much done. In perfect time for the bulbs to rise.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

The Bulbs Are Rising

I never did get a good meadow crushing snow.

Winter still manages a pretty decent knock down. There has been a lot of that evil wind.

Now winter is ending and the bulbs are rising.

I have been out between showers. The chop and drop of the remaining remnants of the tall flower meadows over three acres of ground is well under way.

The bulbs are rising.

Solly Kitty greets me at the front door now.

 I stand there in an open door and Solly shows zero interest in going outside. Zero.

She's not ready to give up her warm winter den. It is cold and wet and gross out there.

Yet the bulbs will rise.

The chop and drop should be finished over what looks like a dry weekend. There will probably be enough time to pick up the trash along the scenic byway. Damn Litterbugs!

Solly Kitty needs to get more socialized. She is also going to have to learn how to go back outside. We just might be having a garden date this weekend.