Saturday, June 15, 2019

June Bloom Day

It was a lovely sun shiny day. I got to stay home and move slowly. Doing. There was a nice nap. Before it was all over I went for a Bloom Day walk about. There is a lot going on and June is the bloom lull high on the low spot in the wild cultivated gardens.

Rose Campion

The native Smooth Hydrangea

A few of them want to be lacecaps.

In a wall of hydrangea I did not plant.

All kinds of small grasses are blooming.

Spirea japonica, a bit of a self sowing pest.

The last of the Black Gamecock

A Filipendula

The Carrion Flower goes to seed

Thermopsis caroliniana

Queen Anne's Lace with bugs

Ox-Eye Daisy


A lily that fell out of the ground and followed me home many years ago blooms for the very first time.

The Meidiland rose

The first of thousands

I spent most of my day doing in the roadside vegetable garden.

One full month past the average annual last frost date and the garden is finally fully seeded and planted. I planted the fall vegetable garden early.

My vegetable growing season is so short up here that is pretty much all I get anyway. Things are looking good. There will be some fine produce.

The vegetable garden is surrounded by wild.

And the leftover parsnips are allowed to bloom.

Spigelia marilandica

A white iris on the Great lawn

Common Milkweed just waiting for caterpillars.

The Lush out by the roadside

With asters I expected to be taller and bloom in the fall. Hopefully they will get their act together once they settle in.

It was a most relaxing Bloom Day. Miss Carol at May Dreams Gardens will have more.

There will be plenty more in the Lush of the wild cultivated gardens. The time of vegetation is just getting started.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Ready For Inspection

The garden selection team for the 2020 Haywood County Cooperative Extension garden tour is stopping by for a visit tomorrow to see if they want our two next door gardens on the tour. We were last on the tour in 2014. Much has changed since then.

I have a lot more bling. Still, I thought a little civilized would be helpful.

A full mile of pathways through the Lush were weed whacked.

I did more in one evening after work than normal, but it was something I do routinely this time of year anyway. Besides, I am quite fond of a good mow job myself.

One of my clients will most likely be on the tour too. That will make three garden tours where capital I have gotten other gardens ready for show.

That always makes getting the three acres of the wild cultivated gardens ready for show easy by comparison. The clients tend to get stressed and a bit wacky. They aim for perfection. I just go about my gardening as normal and give the gardens, even the roadside, a good mow job the week before show time.

That is pretty much all I can do. This time of year the Lush is in control in the wild cultivated gardens.

Sunday, June 9, 2019

Wet Lush

This wet has been stuck in place since Friday sending intermittent showers to wash over the Lush. There have been several downpours and hours of nonstop rain. Overall it has been a gentle, if persistent wet.

It was too rainy and wet to go to work and my body could certainly use the rest.

My mind however tells me to seize this opportunity to play in my own garden.

There is less wet in the intermittent, so I check the radar and head out for some editing in between the rains.

There is always something to pull, but it is getting harder to find things until I head next door. I got three hours of much needed editing in over there today. I'm pretty much on my own now. Bulbarella's knees have completely crapped out.

Despite the damn varmints, the roadside vegetable garden is coming along quite nicely. The cucumbers and squashes I seeded in trays have germinated and will be ready to plant in another week. The potatoes on the kitchen counter are starting to sprout. There will be plenty fine produce.

My body actually did get some much needed rest. There was rain and there were naps.

Friday, June 7, 2019

Black Gamecock

What do you plant on top of a giant pile of wet rocks?

This is what iris is supposed to do.

I generally get some blooms.

Every now and again I might get this many.

It takes the big picture to absorb all that rock.

And now with a cake left out in the rain.

Finally. Rain. Wanting to go right back to flood.

Tuesday, June 4, 2019

The Tall Flower Meadow Rises

I trudged up to the roadside vegetable garden to check that it was ready for the rain that is supposed to come. Bout time. The ravens were having a major confab above.

Then it dawned on me.
You Peckerheads!
It's you.
Bunch of chicken scratches.
That's what it is.
You Peckerheads!

Stay out of my mulch!
Go fishing some where else.

That lone raven that has been visiting so many mornings
I bet she is the lookout.

A whole mob of peckerheads ready to rumble.

Some rain coming finally.

The Lush was beginning to notice the dry.

And I am much happier when rain handles watering new plants.

No water tonight.
The vegetables look fine.
You will have to wait for the rain to make the worms rise.

The cutest little sweet pea showed up in one of the dung piles that are now turning feral.
I like it.
I have been a plant vector my entire life.
It has fine possibilities as a wild thing.
I'll need to know who it is and more about it habits first.
The dung pile is a fine home to watch it for now.