Friday, July 21, 2017


The garden in summer

Headed down the driveway

The basement patio will make a great foundation for a shelter.

Long after the house is gone. Broken crockery is included.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

This Is My Lawn

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Around The Great Lawn

My brain is full of pond scum and my body is moving in some other time warp. I don't like it. I did have a rock fetcher today. That was nice.

My garden is amazing right now and with the long cooler evenings absent wet and rain, it is very difficult for me to go inside and sit.

A nice meditation is very good for finding peace with a mind full of pond scum. The body is another matter.

So I wander, moving in another time warp. How are the planted plants doing in the time of the Lush?

Most are doing quite well. Good editing does wondrous things.

The planted are now an integral part of the summer garden.

The wild dances around them.

I might pluck a thing or two as a wander for a bit more definition or elbow room, but the garden is content. I can take off my weeding glasses and consider the whole.

Apparently my garden is in the midst of the Faerie Land period. My take has more of a horticultural bent. Mostly I wander, just looking in silence.

Yes. The mobeel was a score. Two was fate. I did as the universe asked.

Will there be a heiau left in me after the Almighty Falls? I have a feeling it will be the last pile of rocks I stack in this life. I just need more rocks. Close by.

I move on after a long pause on the Great Lawn. There is more garden to see.

Eventually it is time to go in and sit. The body's time warp has slipped into another orbit.

Sunday, July 16, 2017

Plumbing The Almighty Falls

Plumbing the Almighty Falls is rudimentary in concept. So is spreading out acres of rubber liner.

There is a pump at the bottom and a single water line that runs to the top. Pay attention to the white lines.

There is a filter at each end. In a normal world the skimmer at the bottom would be set in the ground outside the pond. I was given walls to work with.

The pump is connected. A water level check is underway.

The filter falls at the top has a more normal set up. It could certainly be sunk in the ground if needed. I was given a cement bottomed channel to work with in an existing hole of sorts.

Now it needs a rock house to hide it and a base for the rubber liner. The plumbing is connected.

There are of course plenty particular plumbing procedures for ponds. The rudimentary can veer off towards the complicated if you let it.

The real assembly of a water tight Almighty Falls is underway. There will be several test procedures along the way.

About those white lines. They are the water channel boundary markers, the base I built. You can scroll back up and look again. I had a vision about them.

I was given walls to work with. Instead of trying to make an obvious artifice look natural, I am considering building free form, serpentine, squared off, dry stack stone walls as the water channel edges, an ode to Appalachian walls. The bottom of the channel will still get rounded river rock.

The Almighty Falls becomes more sculpture. There will be three exposed portions of the solid slab of rock beneath and planting pockets along the sides. The Almighty Falls becomes more a sculpture in/on and blended to the natural.

How does that sound Miranda?

The good thing is I am a gardener and can plant a vine over the mistakes. It also wouldn't be that difficult to pull a wall like that apart and go all, as natural as I can fake it. Leaks are another matter.

I did stop and admire the chicory this morning before heading out to do the plumbing.

Saturday, July 15, 2017

Bloom Day Rumble

My day at the Almighty Falls was cut in half by a sudden and persistent downpour. There has been a lot of rubber lining going on and in that downpour I watched the falls come to life just above the pond. There is already a foot of water in the pond. I may not need to fill it myself if this keeps up.

It was still raining when I got home. The garden is looking mighty fine, but at this stage of the Tall Flower Meadow, walking it when wet is a drenching affair even after the rain stops.

Something is blooming out there for Bloom Day no doubt.

Then the sun came out and the steam rose in sheets before the next pour arrived.

The roadside chicory is blooming, but that has to be photographed in the morning. It closes by noon on a hot sunny day. Coming home early and seeing it closed is a sign that the sun had been out during the first part of the day.

The Queen Anne's Lace is having a very abundant year in the roadside vegetable garden with the wild flower surround.

The sun was out, but there was imminent rumbling all around, much like the garden is now, a wild flower rumble.

Follow the trail of daylilies into Bulbarella's domain. I'll wait until it dries out again.

A change is taking place in the Voodoo Lily. I may get some blood red in the chalice after all.

So far the sweet smell of the pretty lilies is winning the war of scents.

The garden rumbles on with new players coming on stage as the past contestants fade away. It is an ever changing kaleidoscope.

Joe Pye is forming flower heads for the Bloom Days to come. For now there is plenty more Bloom Day at May Dreams Gardens. Stop in and have a look around.

Thursday, July 13, 2017

The Faerie Land Period

Yes my garden contains some oddities.

It's overall feel is of a primeval forest and meadow.

This isn't suburbia.

It conjures another time.

When things that shouldn't, take flight.

I can't say while on a walk among the wild things, hearing "this is a magical fairy land" twice from different people comes as a surprise to me. I can understand how visitors would sense that.

This too shall pass.

The garden can elicit many moods. Currently it is doing Faerie Land.

It's a kind of voodoo.

Of which scent will win.

High on the low spot, there is a wild garden

Bursting a relentless plethora of blooms

We are not in suburbia and it sure looks wild, but how? Must be the faeries. Could there be some menehune?