Monday, September 24, 2018

All The Way Up Top

I think I practiced being retired over the weekend. In no hurry at all, I mowed a little, visited a little and dined a bit. It felt good while the seemingly never ending bad energy rumbled all around.

All the way up top, the light playing in grass is saying the world is shifting.

Let me make moments of light in a rumbling world for those passing by.

The Rattler was indeed rumbling while I practiced being retired. Leaf peeper season is yet coming and the hounds will be loosed from their pickup truck cages soon.

From the outside, this year's feral roadside vegetable garden doesn't look much different than usual. I'm sure some people have driven by and wondered what could that man possibly be doing in there? If they only knew.

A newly local stranger I met while visiting this weekend asked, yours is the house with the rail fence and all the flowers out front?

Yes, that would be my place, up there on the top.

Come visit if you like. I'm up there trying to grow good energy and more light.


Lisa Greenbow said...

Looking good despite the negative energy you keep feeling. By rattler did you mean you have rattle snakes now?

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa the scenic byway is actually called the Rattler for motorcycle riders. Google it.

Sallysmom said...

Everything is beautiful! Love the way the light plays on the grasses.

Jan O said...

Good energy, light, and beauty. We all need that. :-)