Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Outside With Spring

The eighty degree heat wave will be ending tonight with snow. Fortunately it will be a thirty two degree snow and pass quickly. A great many shrubs have been convinced it is the first of May. A bad freeze now can cause a lot of damage, as has happened many times before.

Yesterday in the warm sunshine the Bloodroot was having a super bloom.

The Great Lawn was filled with Spring Beauty.

A few of the many anemone bulbs I have planted over the years made an appearance.

A transplanted trillium blooms for the first time.

'Thalia', one of the last daffodils to bloom is already here while the early bloomers have begun to finish and crisp up in the heat.

There will be some snow and then a return to cooler more normal temperatures for April.

The blue chionodoxa is fading. The deep pink corydalis is reaching peak bloom.

The stinze washes over the mountain.

A few trilliums continues its march to many. That gives me hope for the babies I have relocated next door.

Tonight there will be snow. Is this the origin of April Fools Day?

The question is always, how cold will it get?

Engorged by warmth, cold frozen petals may fall.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I always hate it when it gets cold enough to freeze off the magnolia blooms. It happens too often. What a wonderful patch of Blood Root. One of my favorites.

Sallysmom said...

Love those anemones!