Friday, September 18, 2020

After Hurricane Waters

The rain stopped. Now it is going to turn cold. It's looking like I'm only going to get a side dish of okra this year.

I keep running out of daylight to go harvest it. This weekend for sure.

It was a gentle hurricane, thank you. I did hear a big tree crash in the night.

The suggested cold is two nights of lows in the upper thirties.

There is still time. The blue asters will join in.

Voodoo will fade away. I'm just not ready to move anything yet. They will have to suffer 38. Everyone will have to suffer 38.

We wait for the blue asters.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

My asters are blooming. It is dry here. Less than half inch of rain this month. I hate going into winter with a drought upon us. UGH...

Christopher C. NC said...

The asters have started to bloom here Lisa. This week is looking to be cool and dry. Some dry would be nice. I keep hearing talk of a record wet year, but haven't paid enough attention to know.