Monday, August 11, 2008

The Appetizer

One of the world's smallest edible cantaloupes growing next to the soon to be ready sweet corn was ett up by some varmint last night. Another bad sign.

Good thing I planted back up sweet corn on the 4th of July. Now the raccoon will have twice the opportunity to steal my corn.

The missing melons have made their appearance. The Fastbreak hybrid melon with the luscious, sweet, golden yellow flesh were hiding in the patch of world's smallest edible cantaloupe. They are off to a very very late start. It will be interesting to see if any melons come of this.

I shouldn't feel so stingy with the produce. We have been eating plenty of fresh vegetables for a couple of months and the tomatoes and pole beans are now ready to harvest. The normal kind cucumbers have all succumbed to The Wilt and their production is pretty much over. The Lemon Cucumbers are now coming on strong and a second batch of normal kind cucumbers seeded a few weeks ago are ready to start vining. Did I mention the refrigerator is full of pickles.

Ha ha you stinking raccoon. For desert tonight I had the one right sized cantaloupe that came from the patch with fresh picked blueberries and it was delicious. It was the best cantaloupe of the bunch and I got it.

Next year the melons will be even bigger and better.

And for now the fall garden is just getting started.


gintoino said...

Cantaloupe and blackberries...yummy. My cantaloupe aren't ripe yet.

Frances, said...

Hi Christopher, glad to see you are not bitter about the beastie damage to your crops. But it does sound like there is enough for you all. Unless there is a whole clan that will be invited for the big harvest festival over at the Double C farm.

Kim said...

I'm sorry about the critter damage, but that bowl of melon and berries surely made up for it a little bit? It looks so yummy. Have you tried Liquid Fence? Stinks to high heaven, but it's kept rabbits, deer and squirrels at bay for us.

Siria said...

Hi Christopher,

At least the racoon got the tiny melon and not your yummy looking corn! The melon, berries and ice cream look REALLY good. And that sunset is gorgeous...the sky is so clear...what no rain?

lola said...

Sorry about the little one. But you got the best end of the deal. That bowl of fruit/cream looks absolutely yummy. Nothing better. Hope your corn does well & the critters can't get it. Hope your cabin is coming along ok.

Christopher C. NC said...

Gintoino it was very yummy.

Frances I have been discretely drawing lines in the mulch and the corn survived another night. Only a couple more days to go. Ihave my fingers crossed.

Kim I need to write that Liquid Fence down so I will remember it next time I go to town.

No rain since you left Siria. There is a close storm tonight. We might get some.

All is well Lola.

chuck b. said...

luscious, sweet, golden yellow flesh, huh? Sounds delish. Sigh. Siiiigghhhhhh...


I also endorse the Liquid Fence. I actually use it to discourage dog pee on my front steps, but they sell a bunch of products targeting different varmints.