Saturday, August 16, 2008

Little Blue Boxes

The countdown for the lift off of the roof sections has begun. Brackets are in place on three sides to help guide the roof into its final resting place.

The crane is scheduled to arrive at 8am on Wednesday August the 20th. I would calculate lift off of the living room section to begin around 9:30.

Pounding nails on a ladder it looks and feels a long way up.

It is even further up on the basement patio side of the cabin.

We just need to move these over there and set them gently on top.

Because all is ready for the lifting of the roofs, there is time to begin new aspects of construction.

The bright blue boxes of the rough electrical give a mental illumination to a house filled with lights and appliances.


Les, Zone 8a said...

I hope the roof lifting will be documented for all to see.

Christopher C. NC said...

Les, I will have the camera in my pocket for the event and since I don't want to be standing under it when it is in the air, I should have a chance to snap a few airborne shots.

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! I know this must be very exciting to you as your roofs will soon be hoisted into place, but those of us that have followed your escapades this past year are also very excited and waiting in anticipation as your cabin takes yet another form. Thanks for sharing!

lola said...

Excitement is mounting for the roof lifting. Noting the blue boxes one can pic. it all coming together for a warm cozy cabin in the woods with soft snow falling into the quiet woods surrounding this peaceful cabin. All is well.

Anonymous said...

Very interesting to follow this and the ingenious methods you are using on a difficult site. My daughter just started her major in Building Construction at Ga. Tech; maybe we could make your cabin a case study.... (:
Best wishes for a successful 'lift' and we will all be waiting to hear from you!


Frances, said...

Hi Christopher, so glad to see you being able to move forward from the roof lifting stage, even though it hasn't actually taken place. Remember, you can't have too many receptacles! And light switches. ;->

Christopher C. NC said...

Siria, I will be so happy when the roofs are on. It will mark a major milestone!

Lola, loved your word image. I hope the snow part holds off til November at least. All is well.

Bev, Katrina cottages and living small, including smaller houses here and in more impoverished places around the world is coming into vogue. Maybe a little cottage would be a good college project for your daughter.

Frances, the code says I have to have a plug every twelve feet on a wall? Then I added in all the lighting needs and it was like, Good Lord, there is a lot of electrical in such a small space. It looks like overkill. I will never own that many lamps or small appliances.

lisa said...

This is so exciting! Amazing how this is taking shape, and by winter it will look like the cabin's been there for years, I bet. (Especially since you've been "pre-landscaping".)