Sunday, December 28, 2014


The dying hemlocks were cut down for lumber several years ago. The logs were taken away. I was left with the scraps. I have been thinking bonfire ever since. Logging is messy. A nice fire will clean it up.

Despite the mess, an open sunny space in the temperate rain forest is not long in this world. Rampant vegetation erupted immediately. Those first responders to disturbance are more often than not the least desirable kinds of plants. The three main species that showed up were thorny Black Locust, vicious eight foot tall black berry and a not so bad, but far to many, Fire Cherry, Prunus pensylvanica.

It is land that should be more garden like and less a thicket of thorns. That of course requires effort.

I have no idea what sort of garden will become on this very steep slope. I just know the bad needs to go away before anything good can come in. I spent three hours with a pair of loppers cutting stuff down to prepare for a mighty fire. I really needed a machete.

I will also need plenty of time. It is a very big mess. Just bringing this slope to the idea of being an annually mowed hillside where plants can be introduced is a daunting task filled with flesh ripping danger.


Unknown said...

My, my....I think I detect an aire of pyromania in your photo descriptions.
Have you informed the Haywood Co. Fire Marshall? Just certainly know what you're doing!

Christopher C. NC said...

I do get a permit when I have a mighty fire. Don't need any unexpected visitors.

Lola said...

Start small.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

The pyro in me wants to see pictures of the fire. :)

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola after my long rest I have to slowly get back up to full work speed.

It may be a couple weeks before a mighty fire Lisa. I can manage some pictures most likely.