Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Feral Mums

There are blue asters galore. They haven't stood completely back up from the recent rain, but that is to be expected rain or not. As the bloom heads fill out, down they go.

Hiding in the Lush are some feral Sheffie Mums. They need more elbow room for best effect than I have time to give them. Their ongoing survival and spread is a marvel in itself.

Cold mornings, shorter days and a fading meadow mean I have spent less time wandering the gardens. I do know the paths need some clipping before the Sisters arrive. Right now I have to push my way through all the flower stems that have fallen over the paths.

The Yellie Mum hasn't gone quite so feral yet. It has more elbow room. The patches of it are thicker and put on more of a show. The longer I garden here the more apparent it becomes that only the competitive can survive in the Lush with out a good deal of editing assistance. I think one day maybe, but the longer I garden here the more apparent it becomes that my energy level is fading.

One day maybe there will be a short window between retirement and full on decrepitude when the gardens at at their spiffiest.

The Goth Period begins as a the Tall Flower Meadow turns somber and faded blooms turn to white cotton fluff. Winter winds will carry the garden away to new frontiers. It will be a real seed bomb in action.

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Lisa Greenbow said...

Feral mums are much better than feral pigs or cows.