Friday, July 6, 2018

In The Jungle Heat

My fireflies go to bed shortly after dark which is rather disappointing. I'm ready to sit and watch after dark. Could be the bats.

It's a jungle out there.

I have the rocks to prove it.

The garden continues to be an amazing feat of horticulture.

The 'aina did not come and won't willingly stay this way. The 'aina never stays. It flows.

Horticulture moved in with a living jungle and learned to live in the flow.

While I was turning cold blooded.

The Inbetween Time is still the best light for strolling the gardens and by then a proper cool may have returned to the air.

This is the feral attempt to grow some fine produce. It has been so hot I seeded some okra while planting a few cucumbers. Off to a very late start, the melons have yet to be put in the ground.

Eighty two is entering the danger zone for a cold blooded person. By 85 I am beginning to melt and lose volume. I have melted down to 144lbs. This is a new record of skinny. Cake is not working. I'm giving bread a try.

I come home and wander three acres of mountain top meadow with a one hundred foot elevation change from top to bottom after climbing hot mountains all day loosing volume all along the way.

It's an amazing jungle out there doing its round about the 4th of July peak bloom, just one of many such peak blooms. I must see it, so I wander.

It is a shame more plant nerd kind people don't see the gardens.

One plant nerd will be out there in the cool of the Inbetween Time when the glitter of fireflies come out.


Lisa Greenbow said...

It is plain to see where your volume is going. It looks pretty darn good all spread out on that mountain side. Wish I could stroll through there with you.

Sallysmom said...


L B said...

This plant-nerd is dying to see! On my next visit to your end of the state I'll email you and beg for a tour :) Or if you see a blonde woman w/ blonde cocker wandering your roadside, you'll know it's me waiting for the gardener's return.