Thursday, August 2, 2018

In Wetness

Day two of rain: I sat around on my bony ass all day. I'm hoping some more padding settled in there while I was sitting.

I did plot out two courses of future action. Plotting and sitting are pretty much the same thing.

This has been a steady gentle rain with few short breaks.

I have an umbrella and I did use it, but an umbrella in the Tall Flower Meadow blocks the view.

It's nice going for a walk during a break in the rain. The rain is made for sitting.

Would you believe there is a vegetable garden in there? I've seen ripe tomatoes that need picking.

I plotted the roadside vegetable garden going feral long enough to seed out some enhancements. It is an interesting thing to watch. Soon the question will be, will I have the heart to kill it all one day and take the vegetable garden back?

I'll plot that out later.

Right now I am sitting out wetness.

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