Sunday, April 14, 2019

A Post Tax Storm Walkabout

It rained off and on most of the day. It was a might breezy too. A front was passing through. Good thing really. The taxes needed doing. This was my best procrastination on that in quite some time. It went quickly and smoothly for form filling and ciphering. I had already navigated two of the three extra forms generated by the idiot in charge of paper work reduction. Idiots!!!!

I had everything I needed - except the money. Just one last signed item is needed for the second sealed envelope. Oh well.

Just as I was finishing, the sun came out while still on the warm side of a stormy spring day. A short spit of cold comes next. Perfect for a post tax walkabout. I can ponder money another day.

It was breezy. My camera is filthy. I have a high normal vibration that may have been aggravated by a bent over bout of extra form filling and ciphering. My eyes? Well, I don't have cataracts, but they are still old. The clouds were playing all kinds of magical lighting tricks. It seems I went for a walk with my old friend Monet.

It was a very fine walk. I saw next to nothing that needed pulling. It might be my eyes.

Click on a picture for a most lovely spring walkabout.


beverly said...

What a wonderful garden you have made, Christopher. In the last, what - 10 years? I too am making a new garden in my 60's; 5 years in. Keep up the good work!

Sallysmom said...

Will the mayapples come out of the woods & in to the wild cultivated part of the garden?

Christopher C. NC said...

Beverly I am approaching 12 years on the mountain top. Only in the last 8, after the cozy cabin was finished, was more time and energy put towards the garden.

Sallysmom the mayapples go where ever they want. They seem to prefer the shade of the forest over the more open sunny areas.