Tuesday, May 28, 2019

The Turd Blossomed

And the waters abruptly stopped.

It has not rained a drop in about two weeks. Hot and dry. Hot. Well drained soils are the norm here and I have a freshly planted wedding cake that needs water to properly rise.

That dry lead to me investigating the gurgling wet spot emanating from Turd Blossom Lake. I'll just go with water coming from the top of the effluent side of the tank and no visible outflow through the peephole/vent is not a good thing. And the screw top lid is stuck.


It was a day of plumbing problems on my one day off of a three day holiday weekend. The turd blossoming was just the worst of them. The plumbing problems would just have to wait.

I had other chores planned. I did not have plumbing chores planned. I planned to finish Uncle Ernie's new do for the holiday rattlers.

I planned to plant tomatoes. Peppers have been planted since. Cucurbits, melons and squash have been seeded into starting trays.

It was the beginning of a freshly planted roadside vegetable garden. But there was no water. That was one of the plumbing problems.

The ground was hard and dry. The waters stopped weeks ago when I started planting things hither and yon. It was Hot. Uncle Ernie had to wait until he was covered by the shadow of the mountain near eight o'clock before I could finish his makeover.

The waters will flow again.

I imagined the tool that would be needed to unscrew a stuck lid and it opened after a bruising confrontation. The clogged drain line was cleaned. The waters flowed and Turd Blossom Lake began to recede. The lesson here is it is time to get the tank pumped. Doh!

But when will it rain? Just because I have water in the roadside vegetable garden now does not mean I want to have to water it. Floods and droughts, which will it be?

Trinkets will help.

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Lisa at Greenbow said...

I think you need a crystal ball to keep up with the weather. It seems like plumbing problems always come when it is most inconvenient. Is there ever a convenient time? No. The rain has turned off here too. Wind. We get wind and thunder. No rain. I have to start watering the pots and new plantings now. Your garden is coming right along.