Friday, February 28, 2020

More Wet February

Rinse and repeat. Rain, snow, cold. Then rain, snow, cold. That is already looking like the plan for next week. I will say the wet of rain makes the colors of the Under Garden stand out.

It needs to stop. I need some dry.

It is more pleasant to visit crocus in the dry.

Not yet. That last step off the front porch is one step too far. Solly is not ready for a walk in the garden. Some dry might help.

The colors are nice.

Then it snowed. It started with wet and heavy half dollar sized flakes.

Then it got cold and turned to powder.

The crocus were blanketed yet again.

And it snowed some more.

The cold never left.

"My brother and I stand like the fences
of abandoned farms, changed times
too loosely webbed against
deicide homicide
A really powerful blow
would bring us down like scarecrows.
Nature, knowing this, finding us mildly useful
indulging also
her backhanded love of freakishness
allows us to stand."
       Daniel J. Berrigan

Think dry. Soon.

1 comment:

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I hope March holds better weather for you and Mz Solly.