Thursday, February 13, 2020

The Bulbs Are Rising

I never did get a good meadow crushing snow.

Winter still manages a pretty decent knock down. There has been a lot of that evil wind.

Now winter is ending and the bulbs are rising.

I have been out between showers. The chop and drop of the remaining remnants of the tall flower meadows over three acres of ground is well under way.

The bulbs are rising.

Solly Kitty greets me at the front door now.

 I stand there in an open door and Solly shows zero interest in going outside. Zero.

She's not ready to give up her warm winter den. It is cold and wet and gross out there.

Yet the bulbs will rise.

The chop and drop should be finished over what looks like a dry weekend. There will probably be enough time to pick up the trash along the scenic byway. Damn Litterbugs!

Solly Kitty needs to get more socialized. She is also going to have to learn how to go back outside. We just might be having a garden date this weekend.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Poor Solly, she doesn't want any conflict in her life.
Wow you have crocus showing some color. Nice.

Phillip Oliver said...

The snowdrops are lovely. I've just planted some last fall and looking forward to seeing them. So far, only foliage.

Christopher C. NC said...

Phillip unless you have a different specie of snowdrop they may not bloom this year. My Galanthus nivalis shows the flower bud from the moment they come up.