Thursday, October 15, 2020

The Gothic Bloom Day

The mood is changing. The fade away of leaf and light has begun.

Not quite finished, October is for asters, mums and fallen leaves.

Grasses wave on the breeze of an incoming cold spell. Monet lives in a number of vibrations.

Ready to step through?

The Goth phase is definitely coming out. 

Another Dragonfly has landed.

The voodoo lilies were put to sleep. How does this happen? This stuff?

There is an aster down below you need to see.

It has been spreading by runners nicely. No seedlings to be found yet.

When I have monarchs this is their favorite aster. There were very few and I mean hardly any butterflies in this year of ugly leaves.

Blue Wood Aster, Clematis stans and Rattlesnake Master seed heads.

All the house plants have to come in tomorrow. A slightly colder than the first patchy frost is on the way. Hit or miss, the mood is changing.  This is the Goth phase.


Lisa said...

Quite fitting for October, your Gothic Bloom Day. The aster is beautiful. What a color!

Arun Goyal said...

Sparkling Asters.It would be my pleasure if you join my link up party related to Gardening here

Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is Goth here too. Frost last night. Frost predicted tonight. Brrrrrrrr

Lea said...

You still have beauty in your garden, even though a lot of plants are going dormant.
I will be covering up my potted plants tonight, but hoping to wait awhile before they all have to come inside. Weather forecast here in north Mississippi says that after tonight (Friday) our nighttime temps will be back up into the 40s until November.
Have a wonderful weekend!

beverly said...

Oh I love that Tatarian aster and you can vary the heights of it with the 'Chelsea chop' in the spring/summer. I have some over my head and some at 2 feet, and it spreads like crazy. Have fun!

Dee Nash said...

We're not quite Goth yet, but it's coming. My asters are blooming too. I didn't have very many Monarchs this year either. I think I missed the migration completely. I did raise a few. Glad to see you and your garden are well Christopher.~~Dee

Yvonne said...

I love your gardens. Very natural looking. So lovely.