Friday, August 24, 2007


The Japanese Anemomes are blooming now. I read on Chuck B's blog that it means the end is near.

The Angelica gigas is adding a dusting of white via the pistils or stamens. I am not quite sure which.

The Ironweed, Vernonia noveboracensis is really rather dramatic in stature and the boldness of its color. I am really liking it. I am watching to see how long of a bloom period it has.

I am counting three species of Goldenrod, Solidago so far. I bet there are more.

But this is what I really did today. We placed four and a half yards of concrete. Yes placed. You do not pour concrete. If you pour it, it means it is too soupy. I think the guy with the concrete pump poured it anyway.

Yesterday after we passed inspection it poured rain, three quarters of an inch in about an hour. Today just as we finished placing concrete and stopped for lunch it poured rain and hailed.

He was very messy, slopping concrete all over the place. We did manage to fill all the forms and all the tubes that will be the columns that support my cabin.... however my contractor did not order enough concrete and the second load was a bit on the dry side. The messy concrete pump guy did not seem to make much of an effort to keep the steel in the center of the columns as he poured it in and it was so chunky coming out I am afraid there may be air pockets in the columns. My contractor does not seem to be worried.

Then the messy concrete pump guy spewed enough "extra" concrete on my gravel driveway to make an entire stepping stone path. The lesson I keep learning from my mistakes is that I need to be more in charge.

Tomorrow we will peel away the cardboard tubes and erect the first girder. Monday we have a lumber order being delivered. I might just have the floor of a cabin by Wednesday.

Have I mentioned that placing concrete is not in the least bit enjoyable.

I really needed to buy a plant for myself today. What I really should get is some grass seed for my barren hill of saprolite before it all washes away.

Almost as good I found this Lobelia cardinalis blooming in the sunny utility valley along the upper portion of the stream. I saw a lot of these when we rafted down the upper Pigeon River. I made our raft guide take us over to some of them so I could get a better look and be able to ID it.

The Anemones are blooming. The Anemones are blooming.

Another day is done, Outside of Clyde.

A new phase begins tomorrow with the rising sun and changing seasons.


chuck b. said...

That Angelica gigas is, like, *whoa!* Amazing how it erupts from the calyx. Me likee.

I think there must be infinite goldenrod. Such a successful plant must be very promiscuous. That's just me talking like an expert. I have no clue.

When I took Landscape Construction, we learned to mash down *poured* concrete by poking it a few times with a piece of rebar to get those air bubbles out. And that was for concrete in post holes. Hmmm.

"The lesson I keep learning from my mistakes is that I need to be more in charge." Yes, this is the lesson Guy already knew about working with contractors. They're basically like cats; dealing with them without that understanding would have made me crazy.

Christopher C. NC said...

I did poke the "placed" concrete in the columns with a 2x2 piece of lumber. I didn't feel like I got it far enough down there and was left feeling a little unsatisfied.

chuck b. said...

My instructor didn't seem to think it was super-important. He basically said "people do this" and told us to do it too.

Catherine said...

Your Angelica gigas is stunning!! Love looks so dramatic! I have always wanted to grow looks so beautiful and diffrent in the seed catalogs...going to have to add it to my must have plant wish list for next year!!

lisa said...

Love that sunset, almost as much as the angelica! Gotta get me some of that!