Thursday, August 30, 2007

Stir Crazy

It rained for most of the day.
After my coffee I had the chance for a brief stroll.
I wandered into the woods.

It rained gently for most of the day.
At 2:30 the sun still had not shown itself.
I was getting restless.
I went to Lowes to wander.

The resident gardeners left early this morning
for a month at the beach.
I am now all alone.
The only sound for most of the day was the gentle rain.
And occasional thunder.

It rained for most of the day. Gently.
It did not wash away my newly seeded hillside.
By 5:00pm the sun made a brief appearance.
I went outside and spread more grass seed.

It rained gently for most of the day.


lisa said...

Some people hate that kind of quiet, but I like it...I think it feels good to slow down to "earth pace" once in awhile. More difficult if you're used to being around people a lot, though. At least your grass got a drink!

Christopher C. NC said...

I am the kind of person who actually needs that kind of quiet. Yesterday my work and living arrangements both shifted quickly. It was an odd feeling.

Pam said...

What a perfect day.

It has tried to rain for most of the day here - a perfect day to say hello to September and be thankful that August has come to an end - and to pack boxes.

The garden is happy!

Catherine said...

I love that kind of quiet! Love days like that, they don't happen often enough!! Hope you are have a great weekend!