Thursday, May 29, 2008

The Evening Stroll

Changes daily, which is why it is new every day.



Thousands of Jacks. Now I search for a pure white one, checking under the hoods.

Iris, Iris, Iris

Black Iris?



Yellow Dutch Iris

Exbury Azalea I presume

Azalea and Barberry

Peach Azalea


Towards Tennessee

The view was improved with the beheading of two Dogwoods below the deck. At my place the construction of the cabin's roof has begun. Bedtime.


Blackswamp_Girl said...

Oh wow. All so pretty... and I love your little garden nymph. (Is that statue one of the Frank Lloyd Wright designs?)

chuck b. said...

Amazing. Love that Spiraea. Propagate it up, and make some kind of ironic statement about having snow in spring.

Frances, said...

Hi Christopher, I think the peach azalea is Cannon's Double Yellow, it is distinctive among the exburys. Your surroundings are so inspirational, how fun to be there.

Christopher C. NC said...

Yes Kim that is a Frank Lloyd Wright design. I bought that for the resident gardeners about ten years ago.

The Spirea sure did make me think of snow Chuck.

Frances the peach is a double petaled flower. Maybe it was yellow while still in bud stage. My surroundings are awesome. As Bulbarella often says "we are so lucky to be here and have this place"