Monday, February 28, 2011


That is when the lovely contestant Hale Mana will go before the judges. It could have been Tuesday, but I had already planned to go to another class at bug school. After all this time I can wait another day. On Thursday a phone will get hooked up. So they say. I know they need to get a phone line to my pole first. Maybe it is an easy procedure for them. The phone line is only two poles away.

I would have rather been painting, but it kept spritzing rain ahead of the thunder and lightning and downpours that arrived this afternoon. I needed something to do and it has been a long while since any attention was paid to The Wall, so I went underneath, out of the rain, to tidy up in anticipation of more rock stacking to come.

One of the patio sculptures had been telling me for some time it wanted to be reconfigured. Then two of the larger stones fell over in the freeze-thaws. I tended to that in between spritzes. Ideally the stones would be on a gravel base, but I plan to have a planting pocket in a future stone floor around the sculpture. I sank them a bit deeper in the ground. It will make for a nice garden of miniatures.

Two more stones, a bit of shuffling and a whole new look.

The basement patio is a leaf magnet. I set all the leaves free in the strong gusty wind. The minor erosion, mostly from me crawling around under there for one process or another was scooped back up the hill and off of the fabric behind the wall.

The upper wall needs to be topped off adding about another six inches in height. The ceiling of the basement patio needs to be primed and painted. That will make a fine early summer project. You can see the underneath light on the ceiling in this picture. It is a larger version of the porch lights and will make a sunburst pattern of light on the ceiling.

What I really need is a cafe table and two chairs. It may not be finished, but there is no reason not to enjoy the space now.


Siria said...

I hope you post the good news just as soon as you have it on Wednesday. I'll be checking!

It is really looking great!

I saw a really nice patio table with 2 chairs in the Target Sunday ad. I also saw some nice ones at Home Depot the last time I was there.

Christopher C. NC said...

Siria I can see a table and chairs jumping into a cart quite easily.

Lola said...

Whoopee, the magical day has arrived. All the comforts of home at your disposal. Do let us know as soon as it's a go.
That's a good idea for table & chairs. Do you plan on a lounge chair also? You may want to snooze a bit from time to time. lol Sure would be nice to lounge under there while it's doing one of those soft, gentle rains.
All is looking great my friend.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Hale Mana will win the contest as she is ready with her plumbing, electrical abilities. She is beautiful. The golden mopheads really stand out on that brown hillside. What a pretty punch of color on gloomy late winter days. Will look forward to hearing about the results of the contest.

Must get patio furniture. I have our little bistro table and chairs out already. It is nice to be able to sit out when the weathers cooperate.

Rich Rennicks said...

Our table & chairs tend to migrate around the yard in search of sun. The patio I laboriously built 2 years ago is ignored in favor of patch of lawn that gets afternoon sun when the kids are home from school. Eldest daughter likes to do homework in the sun, if it's not too windy.

Still, they'll appreciate the patio again come summer, when they'll want the shade.