Tuesday, March 1, 2011

The Environment Is Good

The Lake of the Floating Turd Blossom and the delta to which it flows was determined to be good by the environmental inspector man this morning. He called at 6:50 am and said he would be here at 9am before I had to leave for bug class.

One river has been crossed.

After bug class where I learned how to read labels and calibrate a tractor driven boom sprayer, I headed to Client #1's to finish up the last bit of spring cleaning. It is getting very spring like down in the valley.

The fall planted pansies always look best in spring when they actually grow. When planted and all through winter, they just sit there, maybe having a few flowers. Come spring they burst forth as intended. Then they start to wind down when it really gets warm.

The Hellebores are all lush and new and full of blooms.

The Magnolia stellata is just starting to flower. This an earlier bloomer by nature and by nature the flowers are often subject to freeze damage. Is it too soon this year? Time will tell.

Back home on the mountain is was still a nice sunny day though quite a bit cooler. That is a good thing as far as I am concerned. More crocus are popping up every day that the sun shines.

One of the few dwarf iris up here has appeared. I may have ID'd it in previous years, but there is little retention in my grey matter theses days. Until it blooms or becomes necessary and I can look it up, it is one of the dwarf iris.

Daffodils? We have a few of those and may even have the first blooms in a few days. 'Rip van Winkle' is usually one of the first to bloom and those seem to be lagging behind. This is the prime, annual World's Ugliest Daffodil or WUD contestant. What will it do this year and why is it looking to bloom so soon?

Tomorrow a second river will be forded. The final house inspection that will grant a CO - Certificate of Occupancy - is scheduled. The environmental inspector man was dazzled by the wine bottle edging, even suggesting I add lights inside them. Not a bad idea. Too much work for me, but it would be cool.

I hope the building inspector man is dazzled enough not be in the mood to nit pick or go out of his way to look for problems.

I have the engineers drawing of the loft ladder that goes here should that be a question. It is set to be shipped around March 16th. The install will only be the tracks the ladder hooks to. This ladder has hand rails, will fold flat to the wall and also be able to be unhooked and used for the mini loft library. It took some searching, but I found exactly what I wanted at Alacoladder.com

It will still be a while before I cook my first meal in a new kitchen. I will be nice to the gas company and give them that week to ten days to fill the gas tank and come back to check for leaks. There are a few other items that need doing as well. There's always another process.

The snowdrops are fading away. Time marches on.

It is near time to move on to new things.


Anonymous said...

Could the dwarf iris be Harmony?

Christopher C. NC said...

That is impressive Sallysmom. Either you have been taking excellent notes all these years or your Google is working faster than mine at the moment. The satellite just went into slomo. That usually happens between 6 and 10 pm.

Anonymous said...

I will be thinking positive thoughts for you and the inspection tomorrow. It all looks so professional!

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Hip hip hooray, the turd box is in order. Lights in those bottles would be cool. What fun to see them lit during the long cold winters.

Christopher C. NC said...

Thank you Judy. I have never done any of this before so I made an effort to read and follow all directions and to proceed methodically.

Yes Lisa. Hip hip hooray. One stress factor eliminated. I was thinking maybe putting a string of lights behind the bottles and see what that does. The environmental inspector man was like no they need to be inside the bottles. I don't think so.

Siria said...

Hooray!!! One down one to go!!!
Tomorrow will be another good day for you.

Lola said...

Congrats on the environment. 1 more to go. All looks wonderful.
Love those pics. I've seen dwarf iris at home when I was a kid. Sure would like to see if I can get them started here. I think they are so cute.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck tomorrow.I think he will be dazzled. I suspect they can tell good work from sloppy work in 2 minutes and then stop looking so hard after they discern that. Don't worry.