Thursday, September 7, 2017

Before It Gets Squashed

NOAA's current trajectory has Irma headed straight for me. Depending on how much juice is left, that could be bad for the Tall Flower Meadow. It stood up to Harvey's remnants and sailed through a strong cold front on Tuesday that has dropped the morning lows into the forties. We shall see.

More bad for all the siblings and Bulbarella's winter green house is the current trajectory going right up the east side of Florida inland the whole way. Bad, bad, bad. The entire state of Florida is about to get pummeled. Bad, bad, bad.

We best go for a walk in the Tall Flower Meadow before it gets squashed. There might only be three days of perky left.

Will the mini-be finally chime?

There is a lot going on out there, asters, begonias and Boneset.

There is no warm and a lot of wet in the diagnosis for the coming week.

Wet is fine. I started planting the slope next to the Almighty Falls this afternoon. I don't want to have to water all that myself.

It won't look anything like this, too tall and weedy looking for some people. Harrumph.

I like my weeds ......... er wild flowers.

The quantity and diversity of what is blooming in the wild cultivated gardens far outshines anything we saw on the Blue Ridge Parkway on Monday's drive.

The gardener has had an impact despite letting nature do a good chunk of the work.

I'm still waiting for the bulk of the asters to bloom.

Meanwhile I have Ironweed and more than enough Goldenrod. I may have even decided I have another species of Goldenrod in the garden. It is so easy to lose count when there are five of those, six of these and nine of them.

This is Ironweed.

Sister #2 sent me seeds of a pink and a pink and white Lady Slipper orchids. Those were sowed in the garden in what will hopefully be the best locations after doing my research. Many, many years from now I hope to be surprised and find them blooming in the garden.

What will Irma do?

There is nothing to do but wait and see. For me at least the worst will be over by the time she drags herself to North Carolina and she could always change her mind.

My bumblebees are already moving in cold slow motion. Every where I looked they were just parked on the Goldenrod.

There is sedum and Little Bluestem.

And one of, I'll go for five kind Goldenrod.

I like my Boneset. It's not a weed ..... er wild flower I see much in my travels.

This aster was introduced to the meadow last year. Now it needs to spread.

I sure hope the Tall Flower Meadow doesn't get squashed.

If it remains standing through the bloom of the asters to the first killing frost, this will go down as a perfect year in the garden. No late freezes. No hail. No loose cows. It has been a very good year.

The Heptacodium miconioides is having its best bloom ever. It just doesn't seem to ever want to make the pretty pink seedpods for me before it gets cold. I can live with that when the bloom keeps getting better by the year.

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Lisa Greenbow said...

Your garden looks like it is at it's peak now. I hope Irma behaves herself and doesn't completely take it down and give all a good drink. I hope Bulberallas greenhouse makes it through too. So scary. I am even hoping that Irma pushes some moisture up into Indiana for my poor thirsty garden.