Saturday, September 2, 2017

In A Wet Meadow

Due to the rain and wind, cold wet and mist, Sister #1 has not been on her first official garden tour since her arrival yesterday afternoon. She has enjoyed ample fine produce from the roadside vegetable garden and seen the Almighty Falls in person.

Tomorrow that missing tour should be remedied. I did venture out for a short look to check on how much floppage has occurred in this Harvey. Not bad. A slow walk with the hand clippers and all will be well.

Let's go for a short walk in the wet.

Arms lightly raised and gently crossed, the meadow needs to be parted.


Big Berries.

Through a wet meadow we wander.

This is looking like a stellar bloom year.

And most of the asters have yet to appear.

Miss Collar will wander with me. Not so much on her own. There could be scary varmints lurking out there.

It's a tall wet meadow just a few weeks away from an upstanding spectaculat bloom.


Lisa Greenbow said...

How I wish we had some of your rain. Your garden looks grateful.

Sallysmom said...

Everything is gorgeous!