Tuesday, February 6, 2018


I dropped a tree on my internet satellite dish. It might be a sign - that I did it on purpose. I've been thinking.

Once it was all tidied up, the gardener said, what can I plant/let grow in this new opening? I killed the dish last Thursday. There was plenty time for contemplation. I think I have decided on Itea virginica and letting an oak tree grow.

I dropped another dead hemlock tree where one group of Witch Hazels grow. I have been whittling away at them in the forest edge along the drive. Looking at their barren skeletons during the time of vegetation gets tiresome. Let them be dead on the ground. I want the air space for living things.

Every time the snow melts, the Under Garden re-amazes me.

That happened twice while I was away. Snow and melt. This is the slurpee season of repeated cold wet slop with more to come.

One would think during such an extended internet blackout, a stack of forms could have been filled in. You would be wrong. That did not happen.

I had the perfect excuse. I needed the internet to reference the instructions.

I was concerned that obliterating the satellite dish might lead to withdrawal symptoms. I was pleasantly surprised that did not happen. More than anything it seems, the internet is nothing but a way to fill time.

I knew how to do that just fine before the internet came along. There was TV, but I gave that up fifteen years ago and don't want it back. I used to read books and magazines more. That was before cataracts. Reading at the moment is kind of a chore.

I will have one new eyeball by spring at least.

I have been thinking since last year, it may be time for Outside Clyde to go on sabbatical. I have been thinking about stepping back from the internet. That opening in time could be filled with something new.

The first thing I did after the dish repair man left after making sure I was retied to the web was head outside to the garden. There was a complete melt between snows. The full technicolor Under Garden was back. The internet could wait.

Take a close look. A new season begins high on the low spot with Witch Hazels and snowdrops.

I'm still in the thinking phase. Who knows which way the cement on a wire will swing.

The perfect weekend day for a pop up garden tour is still over the horizon. The garden and I have been stirring in the interludes of warmish. I did manage a good deal of chop and drop in the sunny utility meadow in between snows during the blackout.

No matter what happens, you will find me out there walking, inside a living painting. It only gets better.


Lisa Greenbow said...

I wondered where you were. I thought maybe you went south for a few days of fun in the sun. It is amazing what we can accomplish when the net is not over us. I would have to make adjustments if I couldn't read though. You will enjoy your new eyes. Follow dr orders regarding drops etc. No skimping.

Sallysmom said...

Would be sad to see you go but you have to do what is best for you.

Christopher C. NC said...

Part of the problem may be reading a computer monitor and seeing a keyboard are only marginally better than reading print. I can't even say I know what my pictures look like. New eyes might fix things. My eyes wern't the problem with the tree that fell the wrong way and took out the dish.

daisy said...

I for one hope the sabbatical would be short.
Let me suggest audiobooks and a smart phone. They let you read while you chop and drop. :)