Saturday, October 6, 2018

Accidental Fairyland

I never had any intention for Ku'ulei 'Aina to turn into an adult sized Fairyland. There is no denying that is what happened. The question is how?

I wasn't alone in this endeavor.


I did add some bling, some would say very odd bling. It began to accumulate from forces outside my control.

You might be surprised how many people search the term 'gay gnome'.

A long time peasant gardener collided with nature.

The result was a very idealized, almost romantic version of nature. The scary wild was weeded out.

I grew up half wild. The woods and creeks of a far less populated north central Florida were our playgrounds. I was surrounded by gardeners and put to work at an early age. Somehow this child absorbed a knowing of the ways of the woods. He was the odd purple one. The fish who preferred dry land.

Then one day the adult child of gardeners wandered into the woods of North Carolina.

There was a deliberate attempt to incorporate ideas from deep history and mythology. That was the intent.

And the adult sized Accidental Fairyland was born.