Tuesday, October 2, 2018

Seldom Seen Views In The Forest

My new eyeballs are doing many new things. I have never been so aware of my eyeballs. My brain hasn't caught up to whatever this new normal is. The light is still changing.

My camera is old and literally full of dust.

I'm not sure I can see crisp on a computer screen. Can my camera still do that?

I've never been good at crisp. I vibrate too much and don't use a tripod. There was a time when I could at least see it. The light has to be just right to get close to it in the forest.


Lisa Greenbow said...

I think your camera is doing fine. I have to look at these pictures on the slideshow to see them clearly. I wonder why they don't show clearly in the actual post??? Weird.
I love the spiral of rocks with ferns growing in it. Nice...

Sallysmom said...

Maybe, when you get over all your dental/medical issues a new camera is in the future? Is this the camera you bought when one you had had a black spot in the center of the pics?

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa the pictures do look better in the slide show. Part of that is I don't do closeups near as much as I used to. The big picture is so much busier and needs a bigger screen.

Sallysmom I have been having repeated probing conversations with my mom about her father. I seem to be turning into my maternal grandfather right on schedule. It's more like what comes next than getting over things. He did live to be 103. I do think it is time for a new camera.