Tuesday, November 6, 2018

Which Way Does The Wind Blow

At this time of year I get it coming and going. The leaves must fall. They are. I will say this lingering, low cold autumn has been very good for a number of my small trees and shrubs that haven't been very reliable for good color in the past. This year I am seeing them as advertised.

Who knows what next year will bring.

All the darkness puts me in a hibernating mode. I can sleep for ten hours just fine.

But I am obliged to wander away in search of nuts.

Some nuts do manage to roll down my driveway. They always have.

I arrive home in the In Between Time to the vibrancy of fading color.

In between blowing winds, luke warm or cold, which will it be.

The Mountain Tobacco tree cures in the wind.

Magnolia fraseri.

The urge to hide is strong. Let the scenic byway roll on by.

Which way does the wind blow? Snow?


Lisa Greenbow said...

They are talking about snow possible here already this week. I doubt it appears. If it does it has been too warm for it to stick. We just have to wait and see.

Christopher C. NC said...

Same here Lisa. I suspect I may see a little snow, but it won't be near cold enough to stick well.