Sunday, February 24, 2019

Wandering Around

In between rain and wind

I pick up sticks. I will be picking up sticks for the rest of my walking life.

The main floor is defurballed and debugged. On to the luxury basement accommodations. Some other day perhaps.

I was going to go wander. The rain said no.

I-40 is now closed in both directions for crossing the Tennessee border. Another rock slide.

Traffic on the scenic byway is always the first to tell me. Mega cars and a number of insane semis have been passing by.

Today the sun came out.

I wandered off. There were sticks every where I walked. I picked up sticks.

The deer has not been back since I yelled at her. I may get the full Ring of Crocus yet.

It always depends.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

I just found my first crocus today. It was so small. The wind prevented it from opening too wide. I bet Bulberella can't wait to get back on the mountain.

Christopher C. NC said...

Sister #2 delayed their return by two weeks. The result is Bulbarella calling to demand I go take more pictures of HER garden.