Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The Ring Of Crocus

As is usually the case, nothing is behaving as usual. I don't recall ever having snowdrops last this close to March.

I may not be recalling much of anything of late, so whose to know when bulbs should or should not be blooming.

The resident deer has not been back to eat my crocus since I hollered at her. So far.

So the full Ring of Crocus has arrived.

They are multiplying. They are self sowing.

The Ring of Crocus will probably turn wild.

'Arnold's Promise' is still in full bloom.

It has lasted for several weeks. The sweet scent is particularly strong in the evening.

So what happened? How has the Ring of Crocus in its cold hole gotten so far ahead of the hundreds of other crocus swarming this mountain?

Gardening is full of unknowns. These crocus of mine have stayed in a nice fat clump. Next door these very same kind of crocus look like they have started to run off in all directions.

It's a wild garden.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

Your crocus circle is fun to see. They will no doubt take off some year. My crocus seem to be on hold. I am wondering if some of them drowned this winter. I hope they are just late coming up.

Christopher C. NC said...

Lisa I am having the same thoughts. Did they drown? Did the voles or deer eat them? Where are they? Particularly at my mom's house. The Ring of Crocus is in the wettest ground I have so it can't be that. They must be late, but this winter hasn't been that cold for me.