Thursday, February 21, 2019

In Between Rains

Wet, wet, wet. I'm telling you, it is wet out there.

I didn't go to work.

I went next door to start the arduous process of cleaning Bulbarella's house before her return. There are two years worth of hairballs and cobwebs in all the nooks, crannies and under spaces. I tell you, new eyeballs and house cleaning are a terrible combination.

I gave up after one floor.

The sun tried to come out while I was cleaning.

I walked bulbhilla while I was over there. Plenty snowdrops blooming and lots of daffodils rising. I think I saw two crocus. How did my garden get ahead of bulbhilla? That never happens. I'm in the cold hole on a north facing slope.

There was another hairball I wanted to get rid of. The better to see the Ring of Crocus. But it was wet, wet, wet and would not burn.

I wandered off.

It had started to rain again anyway.

Let me play with this button. This really shows the lay of the land.

The rain was getting thicker. The other Button wanted back in.

I have crocus blooming. Bulbhilla has snowdrops. So far.

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