Sunday, June 9, 2019

Wet Lush

This wet has been stuck in place since Friday sending intermittent showers to wash over the Lush. There have been several downpours and hours of nonstop rain. Overall it has been a gentle, if persistent wet.

It was too rainy and wet to go to work and my body could certainly use the rest.

My mind however tells me to seize this opportunity to play in my own garden.

There is less wet in the intermittent, so I check the radar and head out for some editing in between the rains.

There is always something to pull, but it is getting harder to find things until I head next door. I got three hours of much needed editing in over there today. I'm pretty much on my own now. Bulbarella's knees have completely crapped out.

Despite the damn varmints, the roadside vegetable garden is coming along quite nicely. The cucumbers and squashes I seeded in trays have germinated and will be ready to plant in another week. The potatoes on the kitchen counter are starting to sprout. There will be plenty fine produce.

My body actually did get some much needed rest. There was rain and there were naps.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

It is good that you got some rest. Poor Bulberella, I feel her pain from time to time.
You have quite a collection going there.

Christopher C. NC said...

Bulbarella is scheduled for her first partial knee replacement at the end of July. Praise the heavens above, Sister #2 is coming up for three weeks to handle it.