Sunday, November 10, 2019

A Pre-Winter Wander

Day light savings time and several jolts of frigid all in the same week have been a bit disorienting.

Fall wasn't quite finished.

Plenty frosted and frozen color was still happening.

Then bam! Winter was here.

All of a sudden it seemed like I was way behind in putting gardens to bed for the winter.

The big fear was having to do it in the frigid.

I don't worry about that in my own garden. I am content to wait for a nice crushing snow. The ramp seed is ready to lay down.

With each frigid jolt the barren time draws closer.

That is when the native Witch Hazel, Hamamelis virginiana blooms.

It is looking to be a another super bloom year. So far. I expect it to pause for the upcoming lows in the low teens this week, but you never know. That is a pretty cold jolt for November.

The Buddha remains guard.

And I wander in the fast fading light of late afternoon.

Today was tolerable enough for the cats to come out.

Our winter boarder is settling in for the dark cold routine.

Fall still lingers and a very nice standing freeze dried is taking hold.

But I wander just a bit impatient and could not resist some light chopping to get things started.

The Under Garden of winter will soon be here.

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