Wednesday, November 6, 2019


Late fall is turning into winter rather quickly this year. Another round of rain snow will be arriving tomorrow night. The low 20's is the destination.

I'm thinking Friday will be below my minimum operating temperature most of the day.

That means I can stay home much later in the morning to finish closing down the house next door and finalize my own needed winterizing before heading out to get vats of pond scum ready for the cold. I heard a whisper of teens for next week.

Inside where it's warm

I pretty much pinkie swore I was not going to end up with a house full of plants.

It happens when you stay in one place long enough. Stuff accumulates.

There is good news. I'm not a hoarder. I decided some things could be annuals and left them out in the cold to die.

There is some interesting news too. Inside my tiny house there is some object, some trinket, a shiny object I picked up along the way, that covers the span of my life, all the beautiful places I have lived and so many friends along the way.

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