Monday, June 18, 2007

Digging In

Someone else lived on this land before my parents and long before me in much more primitive circumstances. I know this can be done, but I am feeling slightly overwhelmed. There are a life time of chores ahead. I knew that was the fact of my life. Still....

The day I arrived the initial clearing for a road, small cabin and future small house was in full swing.

The next day a more gentle grade began to appear for the approach to a new home on the mountaintop. A house will go where the big machines are parked. The small cabin will go on the left, forward of the group of trees and off the drive. More grading and fill is to be done to form a more gentle slope for the pad of the cabin.

Looking left into the sunny valley of future botanical delights created by the utility company keeping the lines cleared of trees. My lower property line is just past the area of scraped earth in the sunny utility valley.

Looking left again to the forest that will screen me from the road and be the future shade garden.

Looking up the drive towards the road. At the top of the drive to the left is the roadside vegetable and flower garden. My folks were not going to give that up just yet.

Cheerful weeds or wildflowers? It depends on how you have them arranged in the broader context I suppose.

There may be a view from a mountaintop similar to this in my future.

Another day of rest perhaps before the life time of chores begins.


Gotta Garden said...

Welcome to the South! It is said (as one who has moved quite a bit) that the best place is always the one you just left...however, within three years the new place (wherever it is) is now home.

You've certainly got a beautiful area to settle into! I'll look forward to following you as you turn this into the place of your dreams.

Christopher C. in said...

To my southern family the mountains of North Carolina are way up north. It's nice and cool up here compared to other places down south.

In three years I will have made a lot of progress towards making this a very fine home.

deb said...

Welcome Christopher. Your photos are awesome. Can't wait to come and check out your new home!

Christopher C. NC said...

And the same to you Deb. Ready to plant any shrubberies yet? There are still a ton of daylillies left over from cutting in the road, even after a couple of truckloads were given away. I have been told to spare them from death.

bev said...

A lifetime of chores perhaps, but what a setting in which to perform them! One step at a time, and you will delight in each small progress. Besides, you'll be in the best shape of your life. (:

chuck b. said...

Time to start learning to play the banjo!

Layanee said...

It will be wonderful to witness the evolution of your garden!