Saturday, June 23, 2007

Still Looking

Around for the view up to the top, that is my part of the mountain. This is looking down into the valley below me.

I am some where on the right behind this tree.

Some early Beebalm, Monarda has begun to bloom. When this kicks in full time the hummingbirds may ditch the sugar water.

The common as dirt Daylilies are every where and starting to bloom too. I have managed to plant poorly, half the ones that came out of my new driveway.

Walking back to my folks house through the forest after siting the cozy little cottage and future house on my newly graded site. An awful, and I mean awful steep slope was created when a pad was made for the cabin with fill from the leveling done for the house site. Some more dirt moving needs to be done to fix that and mimic the natural grade of the slope.

I'll plant the rest of the daylilies or fix the split rail fence or cut the root stubs off the pad and along the drive or cut the hundred feet of old phone wire hanging off the pole or keep chopping up downed trees in the meadow or...... Oh and I think I am supposed to get a job.


Annie in Austin said...

Hello Christopher,

What a beautiful and strange place you live in now - where hummingbirds come in the house and garden flowers appear in clearings.

Just standing and looking might be the most important thing right now anyway -


susan harris said...

Well, just leave time for blogging because your adventures there are terrific to read about. S

Christopher C. NC said...

Not a problem I am too addicted.

Carol said...
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Cheryl said...

I'm enjoying the pictures of your new home.

You reminded me of one of my favorite memories. I got buzzed by a hummingbird once. It sounded like a swarm of bees. My red shirt attracted him, but I think he was disappointed when he couldn't find any nectar in my ear.

Pam said...

You are definitely back east! This all reminds me of home too (I grew up in the Blue Ridge). I'm guessing that it is much cooler than here in Charleston - at least at night.