Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Going to Knoxville

Some one suggested I take the shortcut to Knoxville. I was going there just to pick up my air freight box at the airport and accidentally ended up in Pigeon Forge, the gateway to Dollywood. I love you Dolly and I always will but, Do Not Go to Pigeon Forge! It is a blight on the American landscape.

After the garish nature of the place made me realize I was off course, I spent another two hours just trying to find the airport. It took four hours to go 100 miles in circles. There is a major jumble of roads south of Knoxville running up and down every valley and holler, none of which go in a straight line.

Coming back heavier and slowly after finally finding the air cargo facility on the far side of the elusive Knoxville airport, it started to rain just across the North Carolina state line near Waterville. Yes Waterville. Pouring rain and thunder. Thank goodness I had brought a tarp to cover my cardboard air cargo box. The cool rain soaking me on the Waterville exit while I put the tarp over the cardboard cargo box felt good after coming from the heat and traffic of Knoxville.

At my exit the rain began to slack off, but it had poured big time while I was gone. Fines Creek was a raging muddy torrent. The road up the mountain was littered with leaves from the trees and gravel from ditches and driveways. The rain had stopped. Thank you. How wet was my Big Box gonna be?

But the first thing I did when I got home, that cargo box was no longer important, was to go see how much water was in our little creek from the torrential rain.

I guess it is hard to have a flood on the top of a mountain. Still sweet though. I could even hear it from much further away.

Now where did I put my birth certificate? I am going to need to prove I am a US citizen to the state of NC.


Cheryl said...

Years ago, we made the mistake of driving through Pigeon Forge on the way to the Smokies. It took over an hour to drive a few blocks. Any detour to avoid it is worth the time.

Rachel said...

Hey chris,
the creek looks just about the same.... Alexa told me that they had made a dam in Rachel's falls did u notice??

Carol said...

I was horrified the last time I went through Pigeon Forge. Never again.

I love the video of the creek and the sounds of the water.

Layanee said...

Thanks for the warning about Pigeon Forge. Never been and now never want to go! Love your podcast! Soothing sounds.

Christopher C. NC said...

Rachel, the only dam I saw was the one I made last year. This rain was a real gully washer though.

There is so much authentic wonderful stuff to see in the area why anyone would go to Pigeon forge is beyond me.

chuck b. said...

That video is SO beautiful! You're going to have an incredible, mind-bendingly wonderful garden.

I've never been to Pigeon Forge, but I assure you there is no place in America uglier than Anaheim, California. Except perhaps Reno, Nevada.

Annie in Austin said...

We went through the Smokey Mountains on our honeymoon, and stayed in a rickety motel in Pigeon Forge... back then it was a small place, happy to catch any overflow from Gatlinburg.

I guess Dolly really changed things there!