Thursday, July 26, 2007

Gate Ways

We'll open with something pretty that doesn't need any help.

And say a little prayer to the gods of good design.

Patterns or forms tend to get repeated in a lot of variations.

A simple bold stroke on the same old thing can make a big difference in how something looks or feels.

The gateway to power has been placed in position. Silly us, we thought we should get it inspected before we called the power company. Now we have an appointment for the site to be "Staked" for electricity on August the 8th.

The deep blue Delphinium I bought at the Biltmore. I really should save the plant tags or write down the species and cultivar names since my short term memory seems to be shot.

Which came first, seeing this plant again or the notions for my front entry gate? I know the dangling chains were already there. Then the balls were added. Then some leaves, but I am waffling strongly in the negative direction about the leaves.

These are the initial thoughts on the design of my front gate. Feel free to lob any ideas or opinions you may have about it my way.


lisa said...

I like it!

Annie in Austin said...

All the coneflowers are beautiful, Christopher, as is your blue delphinium.

You're going to vary the number of dangling balls, right? So no one will come looking for the pawnshop?

The stone flower on the corner posts look cool in the drawing. In my yard each petal would hold one White-winged Dove...and unlike people, they don't need a permit to poo.


Christopher C. NC said...

I have a childhood friend who has spent way too much time in pawnshops. I have never been in one, so I do not know what dangling balls and pawnshops have to do with each other. What is the connection?

Annie in Austin said...

I had passed the half-century mark before my son took me through the door of a real pawnshop, but the symbol comes up in a lot of novels and stories so your drawing looked familiar, Christopher.


Deviant Deziner said...

Love , love, love the gate design !

I think the winged petals might pose a potential problemo for wide trucks or those who have had too much to drink and might mis-judge or miss their presence.

To my little pea brain the gates design implies the stylized notion of the native Solomans seal plant - Polygonatum.

here's one interpretation :
see picasa photo album

On a completely different subject guess who is going to your neck of the woods for a whorl wind trip ?
The Hortisexuals from San Francisco.

I'd love to send you the announcement but I don't have your mailing address.
Mine is
If you drop me an email I will forward on the announcement.
I don't think I am going to join them on this trip due to my recent surgery, but it sounds like a hummm dinger !


Christopher C. NC said...

I hope you really really love it and are not just being nice to me Michelle.

It did not enter my head that wide loads or poor drivers might have a problem with my stone petals. That will definately need to be kept in mind. I have enough room and no objection to setting the stone posts further apart and would actually prefer a wider entry gate. The petals in my mind would only extend 6 to 8 inches out from the more formal laid stone.

I need to think about all the dimensions of this. From the posts sizes and heights, 18"x18" and 6' tall, I think. The metal spears on top from 3' up to 6' maybe.

With the leaves on the gate arm I think it should be all or nothing and a total copy of the Polygonatum frond may be too cutesy for me.

I will definately e-mail you for the Hortisexuals itenerary.

Annie I googled pawnbroker symbol after I posted earlier. Learn something new everyday still.

Pam said...

Native stones, must a few balls/dangles randomly placed (re: questions). I was reminded of solomon's seal too. And of course, Annie always thinks about something unique!

I think the gate looks really interesting, but on to more important topics: electricity. Congratulations! (almost) I found out yesterday that due to the orientation of my new place, my 'pole' will have to be taken down, so I need to put in a temporary pole so I can hook the Airstream up to it. Something else to go onto the list I suppose!

I do like the gate.

Anonymous said...

Shocked to discover you are in NC rather than Maui. I've not been keeping up. Shocked. Just as I am researching buying land on the Big Island, your move seems ominous.
aka Kim

Christopher C. NC said...

Hi Kim. What a pleasure to have you drop in. Do not take my departure from Maui as any sign about the path of your life.

I came to North Carolina for a multitude of reasons. An early inheritance of a large tract of forested land in the mountains being a major motivating factor. That coincided with me being very ready for a change in my own life.

You can visit here anytime and see how that is working out for me.

Robin said...

Native stone, stacked though, not squared, awesome!