Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Silver Linings

Each morning I wake up not really knowing what the day will bring. There is a loose general plan based on the cooperation of the universe. I must admit I dwell peacefully in a house of retirement and have adopted that pace like a long lost friend. That is probably a sanity saving adaptation since the universe cooperates as it sees fit.

When the fog lifts what will the rest of the day bring? Will it be dry enough, with no rain, to try and get some construction done today?

Time flies at such a slow pace. I can wander into the garden and into forest and get lost in time. Just looking.

There may be one sunny moment where a little piece of my cabin falls into place.

And a lot of waiting for the web of approvals. And waiting for the parts of construction that need to come next in line, to dry.

I marvel at the fog on a mountaintop as the light of a new day pours through. I ponder the fog that is this computer. IE got a brain freeze for a day and would not let me access the internet. But there is always a light at the end of the tunnel. There is a system restore. Or storm systems finally pass through.

The footings for my cozy little cabin got dug. Our main man's dump truck slid off the wet mountain at his other job with the big contractor and his assistant was able to come up here during a hole in the rain. My saprolite soils were dry enough to work in.

Now I just need to get into the bottom of these holes and dig another 16" wide and 8" deep trench for the steel re-bar that goes into the footings. But first we have to put up the batter boards to make sure I dig a straight line.

The sun has come out and my sister and two nephews have arrived from Florida for their summer cooling trip to the mountains of North Carolina. Today we went white water rafting. Tomorrow we go hiking.

Maybe we can get this space for a pad for the gas tank formed and ready to go this week between rain and vacations. It should be easier and quicker.

The universe flows sticky on a regular basis. I am content for the most part to observe and enjoy.

By Halloween and by Christmas.

More pieces are sure to have fallen in place.


Anonymous said...

"The universe cooperates as it sees fit." How true. You can't get rid of the rain to build, and I can't BUY a drop of rain for my garden here in Md. Hello, universe - see fit, please!!

Christopher C. NC said...

Still no rain in Maryland. How long has it been? Our river raft guide yesterday said she thought the stacked rocks along the river banks were meant to induce rain.

I put a stack of rocks at the top of my new driveway shortly after I arrived. They have fallen over the last two days. Maybe I shouldn't put them back up.

chuck b. said...

I was going to say, how nice to put yourself in the hands of the universe and expect cooperation--You must be special!

Enjoy that retirement pacing while you have it. I wish I'd enjoyed it more now that it's over for me. Sort of.

I went white water rafting in Tennessee once...that was fun!

bs said...

that's beautiful, the words and the pictures. thank you!