Thursday, March 27, 2008

Puschkinia clydotica ?

Could it be here already, a new species or hybrid?

Puschkinia libanotica is closely related to Scilla and Chionodoxa. We got plenty o' Puschkinia. It is near white with a blue stripe down the center of the petals.

There are small deep blue flowers sprinkling the ridge top garden in ever more locations. I took them all to be the Chionodoxa forbesii. They are tiny, five inches tall maybe, for the biggest ones. Without my glasses, the small deep blue flowers are indistinguishable.

Then I started looking closer because of the strange new one I found that looked like a mix between the Puschkinia and the Chionodoxa. I discovered there are two kinds of small deep blue flowers sprinkling the ridge top garden. Leave it to the crazy bulb lady.

This must be Scilla siberica. This tiny bulb's flower has visible stamens and anthers, unlike the Puschkinia and the Chionodoxa. And unlike the Chionodoxa it has a stripe down the center of the petal.

Looking down at them I just saw small deep blue flowers.

Then I saw this, what looked like a blue tinged Puschkinia. I noticed the stamens and realized this was different which lead to the discovery of the Scilla.

I could not find a Scilla like this in the catalog or an internet search.

Could it be? Is this something entirely new? White petals with a blue blush, a stripe down the center and visible stamens. The petals seem to have a bit of a curl as well.

Puschkinia clydotica?


chuck b. said...

Wow--love it. Especially that last one. I don't know anything about this genus. Never even heard of it.

Anonymous said...

How about:

Puschkinia libanotica 'Clyde'

Christopher C. NC said...

We may have to call in one of them experts.

It could be:

Scilla libanotica 'Clyde' or
Puschkinia siberica 'Clyde' or
Scilla clydotica or

It could already be a named variety and I just haven't found it.

There are a few Daffodils on the other side of the barbed wire fence I am going to keep my eye on too. How did those get there? They were not human planted.

Frances, said...

There's your fame and fortune!

lisa said...

After all your hard work I think you definately deserve a new cultivar named after you!

Unknown said...

Whatever it is, it's beautiful and I want it!