Tuesday, May 19, 2009

And The Garden Bloomed On

We were spared the freezing temperatures by just a few degrees. There was some very minor frost damage in the vegetable garden, probably from the previous day's low of 33.9 degrees, but all is well. In a garden this large coddling is not a viable option.

A geranium carpet lights up the shady forest floor, unfazed by the repeated cold mornings. This may be a selected cultivar of the native Geranium maculatum.

The columbines were all froze last year. This year they are putting on a spectacular showing. As with most things in the wild cultivated garden, they are spread high and low, from one end to the other and beyond. And of course they come in a multitude of colors, from deep purple blue to the cleanest whites with shades of pink in between.

They set seed and self sow freely, moving about on their own accord. Often they are assisted by seed gathering and sowing. New colors are bound to show up from the breeding process.

Like this jewel of a columbine, red and yellow together.

Cold, cold mornings have quickly turned to warm days. Perfect afternoon skies for more UFO sightings.

After tomorrow morning's diagnosed low of 38, the warm should really be here for good. Now I can plant the sweet corn for the raccoon.


lola said...

Hooray, maybe things will settle down to norm. We had some cool temps here---enough for a little heat to take the chill off.
Lots more rain & wind which have calmed down at present. Warmer out than earlier.
Flowers keep being lovely.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Lovely colors in your garden Christopher. Those lucky racoons.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous; you are blowing my mind this spring! Is that red/yellow aquilegia the A. canadensis? It seems brighter somehow.


Les said...

Was that an Unidentified Flowering Object or Flying Object?

Christopher C. NC said...

Lola I hope the cold is done for good now.

Lisa, the raccoons will have to wait 60 days for their corn that I seeded yesterday.

Bev, I think the red and yellow is one of the McKenna hybrid columbine. A native red was spied along the road last year and hasn't been moved yet. Maybe seeds should be gathered from it.

Les, we have both kinds of UFOs here.

Unknown said...

Dropped by from Dave's. Your gardens are beautiful.