Thursday, May 28, 2009


From the wilderness to Chicago through Gary, Indiana (not pretty), this man who has long lived in small towns with expansive views goes through a little culture shock and visual overload. The heart races and it takes a few moments to adjust and calm down. You're in the big city now.

Where scenes of the idyllic hang on museum walls.

A twinge; I used to live there. Someone's reality is a captured zoo image.

Now a stranger in a strange land.

Finding a regal exotic new beauty.

In so many places I look.


Grace Peterson said...

The female bust (pun not intended LOL) reminds me of the witch doctor on Pirates of the Caribbean.

I think the thing about big cities is how compacted everything is. It's easy to get claustrophobic.

I hope you enjoy the rest of your stay.

Annie in Austin said...

Guessing that you've been to the Field Museum, Christopher? We were members for years and years and loved the special nights when members got to go backstage and see exhibits while still in the dream stage.

I hope you're having a wonderful time with the garden bloggers - am thinking fondly of y'all today!


Siria said...

Hello Christopher! Your trip looks like great fun so far. Big cities are fun, so long as you know you are leaving to go back to your quiet space. The museums in Chicago are fabulous. Thanks for taking the time to share your trip with us. I had to cut my gardening time in the mountains poor Mom fell and broke her hip. I am now playing nurse as she recovers from hip replacement surgery.

lola said...

Hi Christopher,
Sounds as though you are taking in the sights. I'm sure things seem strange to you. Big cities can do that. They are nice but I like the solitude of the country.

I do hope your mother gets well very soon. I fell & broke my leg very close to my hip. I now have rods in my leg connecting to another in my hip. I am so thankful that I can walk.

Siria said...

Thank you Lola!

Christopher C. NC said...

Hi Grace, that bust was truly striking. For me the first entrance to the city and all that stimulation is a bit scary, then I calm down and enjoy what they have to offer.

Annie, these are from the Art Institute of Chicago next to Millennium Park. Ani and I had a great time.

Siria, sorry to hear about your mom. Hope she is recovering well. We'll see you in NC again soon.

Lola, the big cities are fine for a visit and shot of culture, bt not my cup of tea for everyday living.

Annie in Austin said...

Guess I have been gone too long, Christopher and am mixing up the statues...oh well, we were members of the Art Institute, too.

So glad you got to go to CSF.