Friday, May 22, 2009

Caesar's Brother And The Weed Phacelia

Down in the sunny utility meadow, perched on a rock by the side of the stream, a bold statement is being made by the Siberian Iris 'Caesar's Brother'. This clump is on the list for division. I hope to get to it once the bloom is done.

Phacelia purshii makes up in sheer numbers what it may lack in bloom size.

It is joined by the very pale blue, near white Phacelia fimbriata

On a mountain top covered with dozens of blooming rhododendrons and hundreds of iris, the phacelia has been declared the resident gardeners current favorite plant. It has spread like a magic carpet of blue that laps at the feet of all the other perennials and shrubs in the garden and lines many of the paths.

Why is the phacelia your favorite plant, I asked?

Because it was free they replied. They introduced a few plants and the phacelia has done the rest all by itself. A magic carpet of annual blue wildflowers to delight on the evening stroll.

When the hand of the gardener is minimal to non-existent in such a dazzling free display of nature's abundance, how could you not claim favorites for a pretty blue weed?


lola said...

It is all so pretty. Even in the sunny utility garden.

Anonymous said...

Nature is such a great teacher. I love how the flowers unabashedly dot the landscape.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

Certainly a delight.

Christopher C. NC said...

One of the wonderful/terrible things about the wild cultivated garden is the fleeting and random acts of beauty nature does on it own. It really makes me question how much control I will exert in my own garden.

lola said...

OMW, those hostas are something else. I love them & try to grow them here but not too successful.
Nature does give us unexpected beauty regardless of where it may be.
The gardeners are so helpful to nature. They must love nature very much.
Bless them both---you too.

Layanee said...

You must not have deer in those woodlands with all the hosta and rhododendrons looking so fine. One gallon at a time at eighty is faith indeed.

Siria said...

Hi Christopher! Thank you for the wonderful garden tour and for all the plants! Weed or not, the "Phacelia" is gorgeous and I can't wait for morning to come so I can find just the right place to start it in my garden.