Tuesday, May 31, 2011


Most everybody loves baby pictures. The weeping form 'Kagiri Nishiki' Japanese Maple was planted by the shore of Turd Blossom Lake. One day it will be a fine looking tree. I will watch it as it grows to see if I want to stake a limb to an upright position to form a main trunk with some height.

Can you tell the big maples in the garden to be had some of the lower limbs removed? It's subtle. I'm wanting to get more sunlight in there for the newly planted Bosnian Pines.

And I let the shower run for half an hour while I puttered in the roadside vegetable garden adding a few more seeds. I am happy to report there are no leaks and no small drips. The re-tiling can commence when I have the time.

What there was under the house though was some significant condensation on the cold water line of the shower. My well water comes out at about 55 degrees and during certain climatic conditions that cold water can make pipes sweat. And there is nothing to do about it. When I have the time the electric heat taping, re-insulation and closing of the plumbing box beneath the cabin can commence.

I might even take a shower in there real soon.

There may be a hint of the mental in my increments.

I'll just blame it on this current heat wave. My blood's turned cold after all these years way up here and warm is such a foreign notion when it finally shows up.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the non leaky shower! That has been an ordeal. There is nothing so completely annoying as water when it is going where you don't want it to.
I hope you are cooler on the mountain than we flatlanders; it has been 95 and up here on the coastal plain.


Christopher C. NC said...

Bev I could have lived without this shower repair that is for sure. Yes we are a bit cooler. Upper 80's in the down below and lower 80's in the hot part of the day up high.

Lola said...

So glad that there are no drips, even. What a time this has been annoying.
I like the trim. Opens up a whole lot for the warmth & light of the sun.
High up it does stay cool which is a relief. We down here are burning up. Needing rain bad also.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I wonder what kind of creatures will form from all that metal. What a luxury to be able to take a shower in the CC. The maple pruning is practically indescernable. I am sure the pines will appreciate your efforts. Love the baby pictures.