Sunday, May 29, 2011

It Happened Again

I went to Nichols Nursery in East Flat Rock, NC to buy a Japanese maple for a client and came home with two Japanese maples for me. I did get a much bigger one for the client. I just have more patience than money when it comes to my own garden. I got a dwarf upright form 'Red Pygmy' and a weeping form 'Kagiri Nishiki'. Now I have four Japanese maples in the garden and I wonder, how did that happen?

After I got my fix I started closing up the hole in the shower wall. Some additional wood backing was added before the tar paper to give the backer board more stability for the tiles.

Then I measured and cut a very odd piece from a full sheet of backer board I had to buy. Oh why didn't I save any of the scrap? I wanted a single piece; again for more stability beneath the tiles. Yesterday evening my OCD said check for leaks again tomorrow before you close it up, but my OCD didn't kick back in until I had closed it up. My OCD is a nagging thing though so I am going to cover the hole with plastic and run that shower for a good long while and look for drips under the house before I go any further, if the OCD kicks in at the right time.

My new backer board isn't a quite the same level as the old. Better it is recessed than too high. A leveling coat of mortar will take care of that and help close and bond the seams. Now where did I put the left over 1 x 1 glass tiles?

If anyone googles their way here on how to make a shower repair project like this go on for a couple of weeks, you have come to the right place.

This evening my dealer hooked me up with some goods. The plain green one was boring, I could have that one. Please divide the chartreuse ones and give me two she said. You can have the rest. I made four hostas for me.

I may be developing a reliance on hosta to garden in the shade. I'm not worried though. I hit the streets often enough that I'll find other goods to mix things up a bit more with time.

I come by my habits naturally. There are several new alliums blooming in the ridge top garden that were ordered last fall. Seems I am not the only one with bad plant habits.

I saw her thumbing through the peony catalog and making notations earlier this week. There really isn't enough sun here for peonies, but that doesn't mean she can't have more. Where will you put them I asked.

In the sunny utility meadow of course. All the ones planted down there in the last two years are doing great and blooming already. There is more sun and I will find the room.

You can see why it keeps happening.


Carol said...

I'd be checking and re-checking on that shower repair, too. And I don't have OCD, much.

As for the plants, that keeps happening to me, too. "More plants, please" is just how some people are wired, or plumbed, or put together, I guess.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

I don't have OCD. I just whine when it doesn't go as I think it should. Can one get too many hostas? I think not, especially when one has the area to cover that you have.

Siria said...

I agree...check and re-check to make sure there are no more leaks! Then go celebrate with new plants.

I love your baby Japanese Maples. You had a big weekend with additions to your garden. Beautiful!

Lola said...

Oh, go get more plants. One can't have too many. Love the baby maples.
Do check & re-check. Hope all is fine. Not even a drip.