Saturday, June 28, 2014

The Other Pond

There is a lovely pond and falls at Client #1's and until late this spring the water has never been clear. I have been there almost seven years now. The water was always muddy and cloudy. The pond wasn't my job so I ignored it and stuck to tending the plants around it.

This past winter the pump froze and the falls stopped. After two months and asking twice why it wasn't fixed and hearing, the guy says it's too cold to fix. He wants to wait until it warms up. I told them that is a load of bull. I know a bit more about pumps and ponds now.

I hooked them up with a better pond person and started looking closer at what was going on. It turns out the skimmer and filter system had been bypassed long ago. The pump was just circulating dirty water. In all those six years the pond had never been cleaned and never filtered. No wonder it was always filthy.

The new pond guy cleaned the whole thing and put it all back in working order. Now the water is clear.

There just aren't any fish anymore. An otter swam up the small creek that runs along the property from the Pigeon river not far down stream and ate them all.

My job today was to remove all the ferns growing on the rocks below the Japanese Maple. They were too tall I was told. I left one clump of them on the right behind that iris foliage. I replanted with some variegated Hypericum 'Stardust' and Geranium maculatum 'Espresso'. I hope they don't get too tall. Both are somewhat trailing, droopy plants so it should be good.

But before I could do anything that is my real job in this garden I had to finish the most basic work that belongs to the lawn mower dude. The place was a wreck when I was there earlier in the week. It has been a mess all season so far. It was like finger nails on a chalk board to me. I can't work under those conditions.

It turns out they have a new lawn mower dude and all they do it seems is mow. Nothing else. No edging of the lawn. No blowing of all the leaves in the parking lot - this is an office garden. No spraying of giant weeds in the cracks of the pavement. Mow and go period.

I edged. I sprayed crack weeds. I blew out the parking lot. Much better. Now I can do my job. When the most basic chores don't get done right it makes the whole garden look bad. My name more than anyone's is on this garden. I can't be having it look a mess.

I have already asked if I can get them a new lawn mower dude.

It was Christmas in almost July today. I received a very late Christmas bonus from a client. It may have had a bit to do with the MG garden tour, maybe. Anyway it was a gift certificate to my favorite local independent nursery.

I have been fondling this Metasequoia glyptostroboides 'Gold Rush' for quite some time now. I have wanted a Redwood tree ever since seeing them in the Gentling Garden. Today I bought it. Tomorrow I have to clear out a space to plant it.

I may not live to see it become a giant, but someone a hundred years from now may enjoy it.


Lola said...

It all looks good. Couldn't believe our old place was unrecognizable.

Christopher C. NC said...

You were in the neighborhood?

Rebecca said...

Hopefully the owners will recognize and reward your over-and-above contribution to their property! They are fortunate to have you.

Lisa at Greenbow said...

That tree is awesome. I hope it lives and grows faster than you anticipate. Good for you to take charge. I hope all appreciate this.

Christopher C. NC said...

Rebecca the Doc only notices his pond since all the patient rooms and his hidey hole face out to it. I had to tell him a huge pine in the parking lot was dead.

Lisa I already love my new redwood tree. I hope it likes the spot I picked for it. I had to think, now where will this this be left alone for a hundred years and make an impact in the garden. Good thing I have plans for expansion.

Lola said...

Went trough Whittier/Cherokee. With another & had an app. in Gatlinburg.