Monday, June 30, 2014

Then The Rains Came

A bit over a week ago it had been so dry I was requesting rain. The rains came and then some. Now a day of dry would be nice.

Thankfully it has been coming mostly in quick cloudbursts at the end of the day and has not interfered with work. Yesterday's was a doozy. Culvert Falls was a roaring torrent and there is a wash out of leaf litter, grit and small gravel through the garden.

Two torrents of water rushed through the garden. The other comes off the road via the culvert under my driveway.  Both torrents disappeared before making it to the bottom of the hill and the crease of my valley where by all logic there should have been a flowing stream. Where does all that water go?

There is a small amount of floppage from all this rain. This is how the Gooseneck Loosestrife should look though.

The ghostly Indian Pipes, Monotropa uniflora arrived with the rain.

And summer bloom has begun.

But without the rain, there would be no Lush and I love having a garden where I never have to water past the initial planting phase.


Lola said...

Beautiful garden. A much needed drink. Good.

Rebecca said...

Rain, here, too.....We've had a lot! Interesting--those Indian pipes.