Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Few Daylilies

They're here.

In probably every color in the available spectrum.

There is the vibrant orange of Asclepias tuberosa too. My editing has revealed the first self sown one of these I have found.

She wants to buy and plant more dayliles. I promised to weed a space next to a year old bed of new daylilies so she wouldn't spray it and kill every thing. I saw Beebalm, alliums and Angelica in that space she wants to fill with more daylilies. I saw daylilies in there that were planted and abandoned.

I brought a Goat's Beard home to my garden. Then I found another much bigger one when I went on a short walk to scout the first section of my new path extension into the forest behind the cozy cabin.

The new path extension will begin just past these azaleas that are having a decent bloom for the first time since I planted them five or six years ago. Is that how long it takes for a deciduous azalea to settle in? Good thing I'm here for the duration.


Lisa at Greenbow said...

At least your azalea lived. I can't get any to live here. There are so many daylilies available. Such a profusion of color. They are hard to resist.

Lola said...

I sure need to get more. They sure are pretty.